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About a Guy:

Naleye Junior

Interview by Ally Mullen

Naleye, who I call by his middle name Junior, is the most crushable man ever. Girls fall for him the second they meet him. It's the freckles I think. We met while he was in New York and I was so taken by his energy and excitement for everything that I wanted to have him around all the time.—Curtis Kulig
Curtis Kulig picks:

Introduce yourself! Tell us where you live, where you're from, and a little bit about who you are.

My name is Naleye Junior and I was born in the small Dutch city of Leiden but live in between Amsterdam and New York. I have two little brothers, Kymo (10) and Reiky (12)—they are the coolest!

What do you do for a living? Is music your main focus?

I'm paying rent for a living, haha! I'm part of Illuminati AMS which is a DJ and producers collective from Amsterdam. We produce music and videos; we actually do what we like to do most. There is a United States tour coming up soon.

Is "Junior" a nickname? If so, where did it come from and what does it mean?

It’s actually not a nickname; my dad’s name is Naleye as well, so that’s why my middle name is Junior. Some friends call me Joenii or Joena, so nothing weird or embarrassing.

When you are out and see a girl that you like, what do you usually do?

A girl told me that I was shy and kept looking from afar.

What is the cheesiest pick-up line or biggest lie you have told someone to pick them up?

Would you like to drink some tea at my place? Ha!

Who do you love the most in this world?

My mom of course!

How do you know Curtis? Why do you think he chose you for this feature?

I met Curtis a few years ago in NY. We became roommates when I had no place to stay and would crash at a close friend of mine’s place. Curtis happened to live in that house, too. He picked me out of everyone because he "Loves Me," duhhh!

What do you love most about Curtis?

I love his socks! But he hates me for stealing them.

Do you own any of Curtis’ "Love Me" artwork?

I own a painting of his and he always gives me new Love Me products or samples. 2013 will be a good year for him—a lot of collaborations with nice brands! Y'all will see.

Are you in love with someone right now?

I am always in love.

What are you 100%, head-over-heels, crazy obsessed with at the moment?

I'm obsessed with arugula and parsnips.

Can you write us an incredibly cheesy love poem in four lines?





What's your favorite love song of all time?

Lenny Kravitz’s “I Belong To You.” It never gets old.

What is the most romantic story you have ever heard?

Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare.

Tell us about your first kiss.

I think I was about 14, I really can't tell her name. It was kind of weird; she tasted like luncheon meat.

Who is your valentine this year?

I don't have a valentine this year, just like last year and the year before and even the year before that year. [Editor’s note: Come to our office, we have more than a few employees who would love to be your valentine!-Ally]

Who is our ultimate dream date?

That English girl Alexa Chung—she is cute and funny.

Choose: Flowers or chocolate?


Choose: Fancy dinner date or cooking at home?

Definitely cooking at home

Choose: The Notebook or Sleepless in Seattle

I have watched both but I would go for Tiger and the Snow. Did you see that one? Roberto Benigni is a king!