• Stoner Style: Hyde

    Hyde was rull hot. I wish him and Jackie ended up together because they were the perfect couple, but I guess their tragic romance will live on in infamy along with the likes of Jack and Rose. Aside from being hot, Hyde also had great style. That whole "I DON'T CARE" look totally worked on him. And that curly hair! Boy oh boy. Let's take a moment to appreciate this fine-ass specimen. —Katie

    Get the look:

    Rolling Stones Flag Tongue Tee
    You can throw on any classic rock band tee you want. Obviously Hyde would be like, DAMN THE MAN, GO VINTAGE! But cool vintage rock tees are hard to find.

    BLANKNYC Super Bell Bottom Jean
    Sadly, bellbottoms have not yet come back into style for dudes, but if you can fit your dude butts into these lady jeans, then by all means, do it.

    Oversized Gradient Aviator Sunglasses
    Because you gotta have your semi-creepy looking aviators if you're going for that chic '70s stoner vibe.

    John Allan's Cool Face Aftershave
    Because grooming those sideburns is a lot of work.

    Triumph & Disaster Rock & Roll Suicide Face Scrub