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Music Monday: August 19, 2013

Welcome to Music Monday, y'all! Check out the tracks we've been blasting this past week.

Goodbye Channel – Kalifornia 

Goodbye Channel, hailing from the UK, has just released the carefree Through Night to Paradise. The title seems extremely fitting. From front to back you get one after another of the loose, summer, bouncy, feel-good tunes. It was hard to decide a favorite from the EP, especially between "Kalifornia", and the smoothed out “Divine feat. Jaymz Dean” This comes right in time for the marvelous seasonal transitions. Soon all we’ll want is pumpkin and “spiced” things. 

This new project from Ex Wu Lyf members is kind of insanely good. The palm mute, tight funky trickles, matched with the voice and harmonies. It’s got the good, you could say it was “fully loaded,” like the convertible Beamer you’d envision yourself driving while listening to these 4 songs over and over. These are the kind of songs you don’t want to end. Also in their performance at the Midi Festival this year, the dude dancing with the captain's hat is a nice touch. 

At first listen, the intial 10 seconds of this sounded like Metal. Then it became apparent that that was super incorrect. Shoegaze, metal, ambient. This track is good, and the rest of the tracks they have available are awesome as well. 

This lo-fi track has that nice middle ground of pop and lo-fi that we’ve all come to appreciate. Apparently Forest is from Russia, which has started to pick up a little as far as contemporary music that we’re exposed to here in the U.S. This is a solid indie-pop gem, and we hope to hear more. 

Fthrsn has been around online for quite some time now. All the tracks are incredible that I’ve heard. Between the Bandcamp and Soundcloud, there is never a let down. This track is gorgeous, simple, with a great spectrum of activity. I suggest listening to more of this artist. There hasn’t been a lot of material super recently, but what is out has enough depth to really stay relevant.