• Get the Look: Beachy Hair with Jessica Whitaker

    YouTuber and photographer Jessica Whitaker shows us how to style shorter hair into tousled, sea swept waves. The look is easy, no fuss, and will make you feel like you've just hit the beach (even if you're nowhere near it).

    Products used:

    -OUAI Wave Spray
    -OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray
    -Mermaid Shampoo
    -Mermaid Conditioner
    -Mermaid Shine Spray
    -Mermaid Sea Spray

    1. Jessica recently went from longer hair to shorter hair so we decided to ask her how she gets her perfectly beachy waves, specifically keeping shorter hair in mind. (Yes, mermaids can have short hair, too!)

    2. Start with freshly washed hair. Jessica went in while her hair was still damp so she could fully style it all out.

    3. Begin by liberally spraying the Mermaid Sea Spray all over your damp hair. "It smells really good, like the ocean," says Jessica. Bonus: No chance of being eaten by a shark.

    4. To make sure your hair is fully covered, spray some directly into your hand and work through your hair, tousling as you go.

    5. Next up? OUAI's Wave Spray. "This is one of my favorite products, as you can tell," says Jessica.

    6. The Wave Spray adds even more hold to the texture created by the Sea Spray and helps hold the curl that Jessica's about to put in with her curling iron. Spray the Wave Spray liberally all the way through hair.

    7. Now go through and blow dry your whole head until it's just about dry! If you're someone who doesn't generally use a hair dryer, you can also let your hair air dry - the Wave Spray will still give your hair some much needed texture.

    8. After drying your hair, go through with a curling iron (or flat iron) and curl small, 1 inch pieces of hair, alternating directions for a more natural wave.

    9. Once you've done your whole head, go through and use the OUAI Texturizing Hairspray to give yourself extra volume and hold. "This stuff is great," says Jessica, "because it's like dry shampoo and hairspray had a baby."

    10. To finish it all off, use the Mermaid Shine Spray to help set everything and gives your locks long-lasting shine.

    11. And there you have it! Your final look. Jessica loves this look for every day, but says it also works well if you're going out at night. Make sure to subscribe to Jessica's YouTube to see more from her!

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