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Apartamento Magazine

Apartamento has become my favorite magazine over the past year or so, probably because it’s the only interiors mag I’ve seen that manages to keep shit unpretentious. Most interior design publications focus on modern minimalist spaces that don’t look like anyone’s real life living quarters. Simply, Apartamento delivers interesting people, and a look at how what they do manifests throughout the places they live. 

There’s a softness to Apartamento which is aided by the matte pages and bookish format. That muted tone allows the Barcelona-based magazine to present subjects like Swedish ceramic artist Lisa Larson with equal admiration as it does Hermes creative director Christophe Lemaire and Spring Breakers star Rachel Korine. The only overriding theme to Apartamento is exploring the varying degrees of whim that accompany the lives and homes of artists.

Apartamento is available at a variety of U.S. and international retailers. Pick up a copy. Get inspired. -Angelo

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When Nalda Became Punk's "A Farewell to Youth"

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart seems to have a Spanish sibling in the form of When Nalda Became Punk. This jangle pop group is releasing their debut LP A Farewell to Youth on February 5 off of Shelflife records. The album was mixed by indie pop producer Ian Catt, who has worked with bands such as Heavenly and The Field Mice, so you know this LP is going to melt the hearts of every twee kid in the universe. The lead single off the record, "When It'll Come" is out and available for free download and it's sure to be the cutest, catchiest thing you've heard in a long time. - Hazel

The Plant #3

The Plant, a magazine by the Barcelona based team of Cris Merino, Isa Merino and Carol Montpart, has just released the third issue of their beautifully designed journal about their affection for ordinary plants and greenery. They had a great interview with online magazine Bad at Sports here. This issue features articles, photo essays, monographs and illustrations by Coke Bartrina, Scheltens & Abbenes, Matt OlsonJessica Hans and many more artists, including myself! If you happen to be in Paris, they will be having a magazine launch at 0fr Paris (20, rue Dupetit-Thouars) on Saturday, September 22, featuring an exhibition by Coke Bartrina. I wish I could attend! - Jennilee

Be Brave Benjamin "Devil's Fool"

Be Brave Benjamin's "Devil's Fool" got me hooked from the very first scene.  The video is filled with guns, knives, fire and a lot of broken glass. With (extremely well dressed) friends like these, who needs enemies? -Ally

Have A Nice Book

Have A Nice Book is a video blog created by Salva López and Yosigo that showcases interesting and beautiful photography books and publications in their entirety. - Hazel

A Swedish Love Story


We really like these videos for the new About Arianne collection, A Swedish Love Story. The second is a little NSFW, but the videos are simple, beautiful, and have awesome music.  Also, how cool are both of these apartments?  We wouldn't mind waking up in either one.

Joan Salo

Until rainy days look a little more like Joan Saló's colored pen works, we'd prefer some sunshine.  In the mean time, we will just have to stare at these images again and again.

Après Ski

These Après Ski necklaces are cute, sparkly, and remind us of jewelry crafts we did as kids. They come from Lucia Vergara in Barcelona, who uses antique fabrics, metals, and beads from the '40s to the '80s to create these geometric designs.

Eudes De Santana

You may have seen some of his photos in our Flickr Favorites, but a photographer like Eudes De Santana deserves his own post!  Eudes is from Barcelona and has worked with names like Vice Spain, Tendencias, and Open Lab Magazine.  His work is so young, fresh, and vibrant that we've fallen head-over-heels in love!  See more of his work here.


Founded in 1930, ButiClub is a members-only establishment based on a shared love of the Butifarra sausage.  Also, they have shirts

Deux Souliers

Barcelona-based footwear brand Deux Souliers makes shoes the way we like them– by hand and with beautiful, top tier leathers and old world stitching techniques.  Throw in a pink-haired model and we're defenseless. 

Arianne Shoes

Arianne is a Barcelona-based shoe line that's as simple, classic and lovely as these pictures would have you believe.

"Bombay" by El Guincho

Check out the new video from El Guincho.  Major babe alert! And it's a really awesome song too! -Molly Donovan

Dracula Studio

An art direction and design team managed by Elena Gallen and Alba Plaza, Dracula Studio snagged what is perhaps the best name ever. 

Raasta SS10

Raasta's SS10 collection, show with the "Extinct"jewelry collection by illustrator Gonzalo Cutrina, is a bohemian rhapsody. 

Candy Magazine

Billed as the first transversal fashion magazine, Candy is dedicated to transexuals, transvestites, cross dressers and androgynes, and is the latest offering from art director Luis Venegas.  

Fuego Fanzine

The first issue of Fuego Fanzine, from Coke Bartina and Ellena Gallen, is dedicated to UFOs and was printed in a limited-edition of 150 hand-numbered copies. Out of this world.

Hotel Praktik Rambla

The slogan for the Praktik Rambla is 'Less is Luxe," and so it's a beautiful hotel you can actually afford to stay in, instead of one of those places where you have to pool your money to split a martini at the bar.


Glucose magic! Papabubble makes fizzy grapefruit, mango chili and caramel-filled apple well as edible lizard thingies.

Oscar Diaz

Oscar Diaz's ink calendar uses the action of ink spreading across a page to display the date. As each day goes by the numbers are filled in by the ink. We have no idea how it works, and aren't even sure if it does, but it sure is cool. (Via Dezeen).