• Happy Labor Day Weekend

    Have a great Labor Day weekend! See y'all on Tuesday.
  • Urban Outfitters' #Reparty

    #ReParty, the reopening of our SOHO store (628 Broadway), was rad. We transformed the night into a block party with air conditioning! Beer, food, screen printing, and live bands—all free. Isaac from Young Magic chatted with us for a few minuets before they preformed.
    Interview by Morgan Howard

    Tell me a little bit about how you guys formed as a band.
    Isaac: The stars. I met Melati in New York whilst travelling the world; one summer later we started writing some music together in Australia. I wandered across Europe and Central America recording solo, then persuaded Michael out of the jungle in Brazil. We all met up again in New York and starting living and rehearsing in empty venue that threw illegal '20s-themed parties. It looked like a Shanghai opium den. We played our first show three weeks later.

    How did you come up with the name Young Magic?
    A cliché woke up from a dream moment, which popped in from the logos at a time when the world seemed like a series of alchemist’s watercolors. I scribbled it down, and from that morning it became a name to work under.

    You just finished up a tour with Quilt, any memorable moments?

    We took the long routes down the West Coast, following Highway 1 through Big Sur, chasing the ghosts of Keroac and Miller down one of the most scenic drives in the country. We tripped under stars and skated Burnside, got lost in New Mexico with our friend following us on a motorbike in the dark. We spanned the Dakota badlands and Yellowstone via wild horses, Californian shamans, and orange thunderstorms. We played a show during a hurricane in DC that shut half the city down, and knocked the venues power out halfway through our set. Whispers scattered the room in a pitch dark scene. Ten seconds later light sound power bursts back on and everything continues as usual.

    What is it like playing in a store compared to a traditional venue?
    Intimate. And bright. Kind of like walking up with the lights on, to someones face hovering just above you. It can be really nice or really awkward, depending on the day. 

    You are featured on Purity Ring's song "Grandloves." What it was like collaborating with them?

    I met Corin in Texas a few years ago and we’d always spoke about working on something. It started life as a remix of "You With Air," but he ended up just sampling the vocals from the song and dropping it on an original joint. I really liked the instrumental, and then Megan added her vocals which just took it to another level. They sounded so beautiful. It is a special song for me. 

    What are three songs you would like to cover as a band?
    Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes – "Paix"
    De Frank & His Professionals – "Afe Ato Yen Bio"
    Mariah – "Shinzo No Tobira" (Although we do play this in the set once in a while.)

    What is up next for Young Magic?

    Hopscotch Festival in Raleigh, NC, then a tour out in Australia. In the spaces between, recording album two.

    Anything else I should know?
    Free Julian Assange!

    See more photos from the #ReParty here!
  • Behind the Scenes: Curtis Kulig

    Check out these behind the scenes shots from our Men’s Fall Catalog featuring Love Me artist Curtis Kulig! Read more about Curtis and his work here. Photographed by Jason Nocito.

    Shop Curtis' Looks

  • Elite Gymnastics' "Andreja 4-Ever"

    Elite Gymnastics, the electronic group that's opening for Grimes on a lot of her show dates, just released their awesome new single, "Andreja 4-Ever," through the 2012 Adult Swim Singles Program. Here's your new favorite love song! - Hazel
  • Patrick Norguet for McDonald's France

    I am loving the look of these ceramic cups, designed by Paris-based industrial designer Patrick Nourguet. McDonald's France commissioned the artist to make these reusable cups for their new range of premium roasted coffees. Simple, colourful and minimal. - Jennilee

  • Danner Stumptown Collection

    Portland boot company Danner launched their Stumptown line last year with an impressive range of heritage-inspired styles, and this coming season they continue to expand their offerings. My top picks would have to be the ankle-height Tramline boot as well as the Mountain Trail Lotus Elise with its cushy crepe sole. -Bob

  • Clara's Cakes

    Clara's Cakes is a super tasty, vegan bakery run by Los Angeles teen Clara Polito. She started her own bakery at the ripe age of twelve, and is now a sophomore in high school. Clara is a regular at Space 15 Twenty's Sunday flea markets, where she sells her completely vegan treats. My favorite treat is Clara's popular "Inception" cookie, an Oreo baked inside of a chocolate chip cookie. She also bakes a variety of cupcakes, cakes, brownies, and is always experimenting with fresh new takes on classic favorites. Follow Clara on Facebook to find out what she's up to next, like this super cool gradient cake! - Maddie

  • Employee Road Trip: Carolann

    Our Interactive Marketing Associate took a road trip to Charleston, South Carolina this summer.  Read about her travels and let your mouth water over Carolann's descriptions of the best food in town.

    "My boyfriend Dan and I headed south to Charleston for his early birthday celebration.  Our plans for vacation pretty much consisted of eating, relaxing, and drinking. So, naturally, on our way down we stopped at a rural BBQ restaurant. A $7 all-you-can-eat buffet and large glass of sweet tea really set the tone for the rest of the trip. 

    On Wednesday, our first night there, it was surprisingly quiet in town, but we stumbled into a tiny, awesome place called the Gin Joint. We sat at the bar and ordered cocktails and appetizers. We got to chat with the bartender, who happened to be the owner. He whipped up a ridiculous cucumber gin cocktail for me while Dan drank bourbon. The bartender's wife is the chef and she made some mean homemade soft pretzels with siracha cheese sauce and an heirloom tomato and goat cheese pie on a homemade crust. 

    On Thursday, we ate brunch at Hominy Grill. I was obsessing over the walk-up bar window they have outside for while you wait, since there is always a line. After brunch, we did a horse-drawn carriage tour. We were lucky enough to get the route that goes by all the fancy Southern houses along the water and got to see many of the historic cobblestone streets. I learned a lot of fun facts about Charleston. Did you know Steven Colbert grew up there? And that besides Vegas, Charleston is currently the number one wedding city in the US? It also used to have a red light district, à la Amsterdam. All of the homes in the former red light district are only about two stories high so that they can't see any of the church steeples. 

    That night we went to McCrady's for dinner. We met a chef from Chicago who was sitting next to us, which Dan was more than pleased with. Nice guy, and he even shared some good tips for pasta-making. We had another round of ridiculous, fresh food including a cucumber gazpacho that I'll never forget, and pork belly lettuce wraps which Dan was swooning over. After that we did a bit of a self-guided bar crawl which landed us at a bar with a bachelorette party, where we took shots of tequila, hot sauce, and pickles! 

    The next day, we went to Jestine's for brunch to cure the remnants of our shots from the night before. My fried green tomato, bacon and lettuce sandwich definitely did the trick.
    After that we did a little shopping and stopped by the UO store. I've heard it is an awesome building and it did not disappoint. It is actually an old theater! That day we also went to Folly Beach, hoping to cool off a bit from the hot, hot, Southern sun. 

    That night was our big dinner for Dan's birthday at Husk. We've been talking about going there for so long, and I'm so happy we finally did. We did as advised by friends and showed up well before our reservation so that we could go to the bar next door which is in a little carriage house. That's where they had a pig’s leg on the bar, literally shaving off pieces to serve to diners and drinkers. Dan's rye flight came with a few pieces. 

    In the main house at Husk, the decor is simple and nice. I was obsessing over the water glasses which used to be wine bottles and the center pieces that consisted of corn meal and dried okra. And of course, the dinner which was was beyond amazing. We ordered way too much, but couldn't help it. On our menu: fried chicken skins served with hot sauce and peaches, pigs ear lettuce wraps, melon gazpacho, pork, wagyu steak, and bacon cornbread. Needless to say, we couldn't even fathom getting dessert 

    On our trip home, we stopped at South of the Border for gas and some waters. After our culinary and cultural adventures in Charleston, I was more than eager to get back on the road." -Carolann
  • Steve Harrington 'Insideout'

    California-based artist Steve Harrington's exhibition Insideout is on view at Los Angeles' Known Gallery (441 North Fairfax Avenue) and will be running until September 1. The show looks pretty amazing, I wish I was able to check it out in person! Installation views taken by Quang Le via National Forest. -Bob

  • Grimes "Genesis"

    How in the hell do I get to join Grimes' posse?  I'm totally willing dress in full rave, carry around dangerous weapons, and look as innocent as a kindergartener.  This chick gets cooler by the week and it doesn't seem like she's stopping anytime soon. "Genesis" is by far my favorite video of Claire's yet, and I'm psyched to see what she's going to come out with next (including her next hairdo). -Ally
  • UO X Lomography: Excellent Analog Adventure

    You showed us your best analog photos from your summer adventures for a chance to win your own photo exhibit in New York City.  Now it's time to celebrate with our grand prize winner: Brent Rawlinson!

    Join us on August 30, from 7-10pm at the Lomography Gallery Store NYC (41 West 8th Street, between MacDougal and 6th Ave.) to show your love and enjoy free music and beer from Sixpoint Brewery. Don't forget to RSVP!
  • UO Suburban Square Menswear

    Yo Ardmore dudes! Get ready for back to school with some men men men men, manly men men men's items at our Suburban Square location (117 Coulter Ave).  Okay, cheesy Two and a Half Men joke, I know, but seriously! Go! -Ally
  • Joinery

    I've got a soft spot for nicely woven blankets and tapestries and anyone who's been to my home probably already knows that. I found these on the website of Joinery, a boutique located in Williamsburg at 263 South 1st Street. Hop on over to their blog to see what other kinds of woven goods they're carrying as well as men's and women's items. -Bob

  • UNIF's "Grimcreeper"

    Sometimes cheeky and super cool Los Angeles brand, UNIF, has just released possibly their sickest shoe yet, the "Grimcreeper." The shoe, in classic creeper style, features a thick black sole and shiny finish, but also has super punky silver spikes and a special metal eyeball toe guard. UNIF put a photo on their Instagram debuting the shoe, and they're now available on their site, for both men and women. I think I need a pair. - Maddie

    Shop UNIF
  • Music Mondays: August 27th, 2012

  • UO Men's Catalog: Curtis Kulig

    Go behind the scenes with Curtis Kulig in this video from our Men's Fall Catalog, shot by Jason Nocito. To learn more about the Love Me artist, read our interview with him here.

    Shop the Men's Fall Catalog
  • Jon Stewart Welcomes Freshman

    Alright you little freshman bitches, listen up!  It's time for school to start and Jon Stewart has some words of wisdom for you.  The most important—besides eating a diet consisting of strictly Lucky Charms—is to get your vote on! Or rock. Or die. But mostly vote. (Via Vulture) -Ally

  • Mykki Blanco "Wavvy"

    Mykki Blanco is making me feel "Wavvy" as fuck.  This video is like dropping acid with the Club Kids, going to an outlaw party, and ending the night at a fabulous rager with New York's finest. Everyone come join me in bowing down to the New World Order. -Ally
  • Museum of Useful Things

    The Museum of Useful Things is a store that delivers exactly what it says: a bunch of useful and well designed tools and objects that help organize, carry, measure, and do other useful tasks. The Tube Wringer would be a pretty amazing way to dispense every last bit of tooth paste. -Bob

  • The Vaccines "Teenage Icon"

    The Vaccines are one of my favorite guitar rock bands out of London right now. Their newest single, "Teenage Icon," from their second record Come of Age (out next week in the UK and on October 2 in the US) is all about the musicians and babes that you idolize when you're young. The Vaccines are an excellent live band, performing one of my favorite sets at Coachella this year. This band has serious staying power, and take a listen of their new record when it is out in the states! - Maddie