• Birdmonster - "The Iditarod"

    The Iditarod” was made using a technique called SLAM (SLide, Animation, Movies) coined by its developer - Greg Crane. Not too different from your standard stop-motion animation, SLAM takes the aesthetics to a new arty level. 95% of the video was created using digital still photos from a professional/high-end camera. Approximately 1800 shots were painstakingly and meticulously pasted together to establish that “motion"

    Susie Bubble

    Susanna Lau (a.k.a Susie Bubble) is best known for her insatiable blogging ability, documenting all the latest fashion news from across the globe on her site, Style Bubble. Having just moved to a new apartment in London, we caught up with her after discovering some forgotten Cacharel outfits while unpacking...
  • Little Pictures - This House Can Fit Us All

  • Chairlift - Planet Health


    What a Song! What a Weekend! Is this why Mondays hurt so much?
  • Friendly Fires 'Jump In The Pool'

  • White Denim - Shake Shake Shake


    byCorpus for UO

    Keith Richardson and Jerrod Cornish, the stylish and affable duo behind the byCorpus line, showed us around their showroom and design studio, previewed pieces from their upcoming men's and women's lines and basically gave us a solid idea of how much work goes into earning one's place within the fashion industry.

    Clara Balzary

    We're so happy to have been able to talk to Clara Balzary, a photographer/student/musician and all around rad girl from the City of Angels. Clara had much to say about her art, her yearning to travel, the role fashion plays in her life and her musical pursuits.
  • Erin Wasson x RVCA

    Erin Wasson x RVCA

    There has never been a collaboration I've been looking forward to more than this. Erin Wasson has a style all her own, a mix of rocker and skateboarder and her designs speak just that for RVCA. It's almost hard to believe this hasn't happened sooner. For those eagerly awaiting the collection, it is set to debut Spring 2009.
  • Dome House

    Dome House

    Heard about the affordable, environmentally-friendly igloo-shaped house made of Styrofoam that two people can assemble in a week? It’s no joke. The Dome House is another amazing Japanese design innovation. We’ve got our fingers crossed that they’ll land stateside soon. (Via Buzzfeed.)
  • Confettisystem


    Friends Julie Ho, Nick Andersen, and Karlo Bello had such a blast decorating for pals’ birthday parties, they decided to take it to the next level. Channeling their shared love of streamers, confetti, and party antics, they started Confettisystem, a line of handmade party supplies and jewelry that’s a glam take on all things festive. Not to be missed are the trio’s diamond-shaped piñatas with their complimenting metallic leather and silk piñata-whacking blindfolds. (Via Coolhunting.)
  • George, Gina & Lucy

    George, Gina & Lucy

    Taking a fashionable approach to the usually mundane laptop bag, I am so glad to have found George, Gina & Lucy and am fully ready to tote my Mac around in this beauty.
  • Valerie Ferus

    Valerie Ferus

    This has got to be one of the best cameo necklaces ever. Hand cast from resin by Philly-based artist and designer Valerie Ferus, each face is one-of-a-kind. The ladies depicted aren’t traditional 19th century regal beauties, but instead are the kind of girls you might run into at your local bar or coffee shop, complete with the appropriate eyeglasses and hairstyle.
  • Amonstro


    Yowza! The clothing on Brazilian designer Amonstro’s website dazzles. Clashing patterns, vibrant tie-dyes, swirling rainbows, shiny metallics, and hand-drawn prints come together for their co-ed collection. If you’re lucky enough to live in Brazil (or any of the other far-away lands where you can score some Amonstro), we’re jealous. (Via The Fader.)
  • Jonathan Kelsey for Mulberry

    Jonathan Kelsey for Mulberry

    Mulberry have launched their first collection of footwear and selecting celebrated shoe designer Jonathan Kelsey to create them has lead to quite the wondrous outcome.
  • Annette Messager

    Annette Messager

    Disassembled stuffed animals, embroidery, found objects and photographs find their way into French artist Annette Messager’s wry, smart body of work. A current traveling exhibition, entitled The Messengers, highlights over 30 pieces from her eclectic oeuvre. After a stint at Paris’ Pompidou Center, the show recently opened at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo. It’s up through November 3rd. (Via Delicious Ghost.)
  • FlexibleLove


    FlexibleLove, an ingenious piece from Taiwanese designer Chishen Chiu, begins as a simple chair. With its accordion-like structure, however, it can morph into various couch-like iterations, seating up to 16 people. Props to FlexibleLove not only for its amazing design, but also for its eco-friendly construction: the piece is made from 100% recycled wood and paper products.
  • Fort Reno

    Fort Reno

    If you didn't make it up Wisconsin Ave for any of this Summer's all-local Fort Reno Summer concert series, you best head that way this Thursday, August 14. The Jet Age, Yell County, and John Davis's (Q & Not U, Georgie James) new project, Title Tracks, close the season from 7:15-9:30. Bring your dog/friends/babies/GOOD ATTITUDE and help keep the good times going by donating towards next season at the Fort Reno website.
  • Techno Tuesday

    Techno Tuesday

    Tuesday is good, but Techno Tuesday is great. That's because on Techno Tuesday doodler par excellence Andy Rementer brightens up our lives with witty and poignant (Yes, we said poignant. You try communicating your worldview via a weekly comic strip.) meditations on how each technological advancement is yet another step back for the analog human experience.