About a Girl:

Aska Matsumiya

Interview by Kate Williams

Aska is always good energy. She's a dear friend of mine who I met through a mutual pal years ago. She makes amazing music that puts me at ease... It's like she's talking to the moon and I get to listen in. She's always stylish, totally playful, and definitely a hippie at heart.—Curtis Kulig
Curtis Kulig picks:

How do you know Curtis?

I think through mutual friends? I can't remember. We've known each other for a long time now.

When he comes over to your house, does he write on the walls or control himself?

My house is already filled with Love Me items, like a customized Love Me with 'Love Aska’ painting and Love Me skate board, Love Me sex kit… you name it. But once, after Curtis left, I noticed my neighborhood covered with Love Me stickers and it made me smile.

Ok, that’s enough about Curtis. On to you: You’re a classically trained pianist. At what age did you start playing, and what did your training ensue?

I started playing the piano before I could talk and from there I devoted myself to classical music, often finding my self deep asleep on the piano keys. Then I turned punk at age 15.

When did you start making your own music?

I've always been in bands but I started making my own music about five years ago.

The first time you performed your own music, how did that feel different than performing someone else’s piano composition?

The first music I started playing after classical music was punk music and I just felt coooooool. No more nerdy, classically-trained Asian girl.

You also do music for films. What kind of research do you do and what’s your process for this kind of collaboration?

When I compose music for film I normally watch the footage to capture the rhythm and the flow so I understand how fast or slow this music would be moving with the image. I watch the film until the melody comes into me. Sometimes, melody visits you when you are least expecting it. But I always know it will. From there I go into details, make changes with the director or whomever I'm working with until everyone is happy and the music and the footage belong to each other.

You have a band called ESP with your brother. Have you ever had any moments of ESP?

All the time. ESP is composing music for Kassia Meador’s surf film.

You grew up in the Japanese countryside and Orange County. What’s a surprising way in which these two places are similar?

Boredom that allows you to force yourself to open your eyes to find your own inspiration and beauty.

What do you love most about living in Los Angeles?

How accessible we are to nature adventures and amazing art and the OCEAN!

Where is a spot you go when you need to chill out and be by yourself?

In the ocean.

What is the last really amazing dream you had that you can remember?

I don't know if it’s amazing, but I made a plan with someone to meet on the astral plane. That night I had a nightmare about getting abducted by a UFO. The sound and visuals in my dream was out of this world. I recently scored a UFO short film directed by Wyatt Troll and I kinda wish I would of had this dream before! Now I know the exact sound!

If you could have any vintage car to drive around on a beautiful LA day, what would you choose?

A '60s Alfa Romeo Giulietta convertible. I am so in love with this car. I've stalked someone who was driving this car before...

What’s an article of clothing that you find yourself wearing all the time now?


Who are some of your favorite people to collaborate with?

People who will explore far with me without any fear.

What is the most magical thing that you have ever experienced?

Hmmm. I feel like we experience magic all the time but the most recent would be yesterday. I went surfing all day with my friends till the sunset and watched the sun melt into dusk in slow motion. Every second there were different lights reflecting the ocean making each wave a different color magic carpet ride.

You’re also a surfer. Where do you surf and how often?

I love San Onofre. It is so dreamy there. I surf as much as my time allows me.

What do you love most about surfing?

That you can never expect anything out of nature and all you can do is to surrender without fear to be able to go forward and ride the wavvvessss.

Anything we forgot to ask?