• Your First Cassette

    Yesterday we posed a very important question over on our Twitter: What was the first cassette you ever owned? We got some amazing answers, so here they are. (Because we know you all wanted some inspiration for your 4th of July playlists, okay?) —Katie

    The answers:
    Because Ace of Base ruled! Remember on Full House when Stephanie and Gibler started a band called Girl Talk (BEFORE GIRL TALK, MIGHT I ADD) and only knew how to crappily play "I Saw The Sign"? And Uncle Jesse was like, "You girls need to work on your craft!!!" But they only cared about miniskirts because girls. Good, good times all around.

    The thing about Smash Mouth is that you never realize how much you miss them until they're gone. Or until their Sugar Ray/Smash Mouth/Gin Blossoms cruise gets canceled. :(

    REMEMBER HOW AT ONE POINT IN TIME THERE WAS A NOW 1? REMEMBER? We're literally at Now 46 now. Good job, America.

    Some more:

    @jackileen @UrbanOutfitters Aladdin audiobook
    @CareyDrew2 @UrbanOutfitters I’m pretty sure mine was @GreenDay #Dookie
    @nkaur @UrbanOutfitters wham by George Michael
    @whatlaurasdoing @UrbanOutfitters B*Witched – C’est La Vie #old
    @Rickociraptor @UrbanOutfitters Barney songs for Playtime
    @paigeapples @UrbanOutfitters Montell Jordan “This is How We Do It” single

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