• Wes Week: You Should Totally Be This For Halloween - Steve Zissou

    In honor of The Wes Anderson Collection book, we'll be showcasing costume ideas from some of our favorite Wes characters this week.

    If there's one Wes Anderson character you consider being for Halloween this year, I say go for the incomparable Jaguar Shark-hunting Steve Zissou, who was played by Anderson favorite, Bill Murray. Nearly everyone in The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou wears the same thing: a blue collared shirt, blue pants, a pair of Team Zissou Adidas, and that signature red beanie. In a Jacques Cousteau-like fashion, Steve takes his team on the hunt for the killer Jaguar Shark, who apparently killed his partner, Esteban. Steve Zissou is a Wes Anderson icon, so much that nobody will even have to guess who you've dressed up as this year. Gather up your pals to be Team Zissou, but make sure one of them can sing David Bowie songs in Portuguese. As Zissou says, "this is an adventure." Such is life, right? Maddie

    Get the look:

    Hawkings McGill Pinpoint Oxford Button-Down Shirt
    Roll up the sleeves and you're ready for your ride on the Belafonte.

    BDG PE V-Neck Tee
    Another full blue outfit option, to perfectly match the pants I'm about to suggest to you.

    Levi's 511 Legion Blue Skinny Pant
    Look, the model is already ready to be Steve for Halloween. Check out his Zissou-esque sneakers already on.

    adidas Gazelle Indoor Sneaker
    One pair of colorful sneakers for your mission, check!

    Timex Brown Leather Easy Reader Watch
    Since you may not be able to count on your unpaid interns, you'll need a watch on your own arm. "Don't shoot him, he's an unpaid intern." -Steve Zissou

    UO Watch Cap
    Team Zissou bright red beanie game EXTREMELY STRONG!

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