• Wes Week: You Should Totally Be This For Halloween - Margot Tenenbaum

    In honor of The Wes Anderson Collection book, we'll be showcasing costume ideas from some of our favorite Wes characters this week.

    Deep down inside all of us there's a Margot Tenenbaum from The Royal Tenenbaums. The elusive adopted daughter of the family and the sensitive playwright of the child prodigy trio, Margot's had a pretty awesome (albeit unusual) life that gets featured in a montage soundtracked by The Ramones. Her shabby fur coat, straight blonde bob, and ever-present cigarette make her just the sort of Wes Anderson character you really wanna dress up as for Hallows Eve. Here's how to get her look: monotone drawl and rebellious streak not included. Hazel

    Get the look:

    Stussy Faux Fur Collar Coat
    An oversized, light brown furry (faux) fur coat is the ultimate Margot Tenenbaum wardrobe staple.

    adidas X Opening Ceremony Piped Tulip Dress
    Throw on a super-preppy, athletic tennis dress a la Margot's typical Lacoste polo-dress ensemble.

    Style-Style Kohl/Kajal Eyeliner
    Rim those eyes in the darkest kohl eyeliner you can get your hands on! The look you're aiming for is moody. So, so moody.

    Cable Plush-Lined Glove
    Cut the finger off one of these gloves and sew on a faux-wooden finger situation to get Margot's unfortunate accident down for ultimately Hallows Eve costume authenticity.

    Sunny Daze Bobby Pin
    Get your hair straight as straw and pull it back sharply with a bright bobby pin. Oh, Margot. Her child prodigy look hasn't evolved since age 12, it seems.

    Top Secret Mini Stash Box
    A "top secret" mini stash box to hide the cigs that support your life-long cigarette habit, of course! 

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