• You Should Totally Be This For Halloween: Lydia Deetz

    On Halloween, everyone should let out their inner goth (you all have one, even Justin Bieber probably has one.) That's why you should totally dress up as Lydia Deetz, the macabre teenage protagonist of Beetlejuice, for Halloween. You'll get to chill with all the coolest ghouls because you're the only one that can see them! So put on some black, black and a little more black, and grab a few of these items to get the creepin' Deetz look. - Hazel
    None De Plume by YaYa Fiona Maxi Dress
    A sweeping black gown fit for the gothest of the goths will let everyone know just how strange and unusual you are.

    Classic Felt Floppy Hat
    You're gonna need a wide-brimmed black hat to block out the sun. Sun makes people tan, and dead people don't tan. Gotta stay dead-looking, ya know? Drape a black lace piece of fabric over it like a veil and wander around moodily saying, "My whole life is a dark room." 

    Vintage Polaroid 600 Camera Kit
    Where ever your Halloween night takes you (rad party, graveyard, haunted attic) you have to make sure you snap a pic of everyone you meet because... lean in a little closer...*whispers* they could totally be a ghost! Don't worry, you'll get instant ghost proof with this vintage Polaroid! Just make sure you get them without wearing sheets?

    T.U.K. Double-Buckle Creepers
    A perfect pair of creepers for a creepin' girl. Something tells me Lydia would dig these. In case you have to run away from Beetlejuice (ugh, god that dude shows up at the worst times) these are perfect.

    Fatboy Perfect Putty Hair Paste
    Got fringe? You better stick your strands together in some ghastly triangular points, ASAP! It should look like a creeping, hair black claw is popping from your part.