• You Should Totally Be This For Halloween: Lisa Frank's Rapper Bear

    Having Lisa Frank gear is still the best thing ever to this day. Whether it's stickers, a trapper keeper or a poster, it's cool and I want to own it.  If your slacking on costume ideas, I have your solution: let your Lisa Frank spirit animal come out this Halloween! As an example, I'd like to create my personal favorite LF character for you: Rapper Bear.  Rapper Bear was the life of the party and ready to kick it at the drop of a beat. There's no way you won't win some kind of costume award with this one. -Ally

    Urban Renewal Cutoff Overall Dress
    Okay so the actual bear part of the costume... you're on your own for that.  Furry it up then it's time to add some overalls.  Leave one of the straps undone (duh), stick on some LF stickers, and fabric marker the fuck out of it with musical notes, stars and sayings like "I <3 rap."

    Vans Authentic Leopard Print Sneaker
    You need some colorful shoes to jump up, jump up, and get down in and these Vans are the perfect choice.  Rainbow, printed and totally LF worthy.

    Urban Renewal Vintage Deadstock Bel-Air Hat
    You'll need a badass but funky hat to match your hip hop vibe and this is the one that will do it.

    URBANEARS Headphones - Berry
    Carrying around a mic at all times might get kind of annoying.  Instead, wear some hot pink headphones around your neck and ask people if they want to listen to your latest mixtape all night.

    Le Specs Halfmoon Magic Sunglasses
    Rapper Bear wears his sunglasses at night—not so he can creep on girls from across the room, but because he's a dope dude.  Go colorful with some frames and again, add a few Lisa Frank stickers to them to add a pop of flavor.

    Anna Sui Glossy Lip Rouge
    A final addition to your costume is to add some color to your mouth since everyone will be focusing on it when you're spitting rhymes.  Go for a orangey-yellow lipstick to match Rapper Bear's mouth.  Bam, you're officially a rap superstar.

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