• You Should Totally Be This For Halloween: Charli XCX

    Can Charli XCX be more awesome? Already a brilliant songwriter (maybe you've heard that little tune she penned for Icona Pop, "I Love It"?) and a rising alterna-pop star, Charli XCX also has major style game. She's managed to roll every Spice Girl together to make her signature look that's sporty (tube tops and printed leggings), preppy and punk (bright kilts and dramatic winged eyeliner) and generally badass (dog collar chokers and perpetual bedhead). If you're too shy to wear her look on the regular (it is, after all, a lot to pull off) might you consider being her for Halloween? Here's how to dress up as one of our favorite singers. Hazel

    Get the look:

    Reverse Studded-Waistband Plaid Circle Skirt
    A cherry-red tartan mini-skirt will have you doing summersaults and high-kicks, just like you were singing "SuperLove" on stage.

    Kimchi Blue Velvet Cropped Top 
    Velvet crop top? Yes, yes, yes. 

    Y.R.U. Qozmo Tonal High-Top Flatform-Sneaker
    You wouldn't be Charli if it weren't for a pair of MEGA TALL platform black sneakers.

    NYX Are You Depreyeved Of...Full Lashes Liquid Eyeliner
    Draw it thick all around your eye and finish it off with a dramatic wing

    A Beautiful Life Pregame Texturizing Spray
    If you've got naturally dark locks (hell yeah!) then you'll want the volume of your hair to go up to 11 with this texturizing spray