• You Should Totally Be This For Halloween: Cat Marnell

    My growing obsession with Cat Marnell is starting to replace my love for my other favorite drug addled starlet (WARNING: don't do drugs, kids!).  Not only is Cat an incredibly talented writer and a total beauty guru, but she's surprisingly loveable in that lost-little-girl-in-the-big-city way.  Even though I'm withdrawing from her lack of Vice posts lately, I'm happy she's getting better.  So in honor of the 'bald Britney of the literary world,' here's what you'll need to get Catified for Halloween! -Ally

    BDG Lightweight Slub Knit Cami

    BDG Twill Grazer Mid-Rise Pant
    First step to dressing like Cat? Get yourself an all white ensemble ASAP. Next, wear it all month without washing it and get some real-deal ripped jeans by trying to climb up on mailboxes.

    Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo
    Cat doesn't sleep, so the night before Halloween, neither should you (don't take amphetamines though, just stay up all night watching Boogie Nights and drinking Red Bulls). Oh and don't wash your hair either.  Keep it dirty, use some dry shampoo, and get that perfectly tousled blonde hair of hers by using Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Spray (which will keep you smelling extra beachy year round, just how Cat likes it).

    Prescription Coffee Mug
    When it's finally Halloween, get your night started by mixing up your own little concoction (I recommend coffee with two creamers) and placing it in this pill bottle mug. Seriously, could this be anymore perfect?

    PAUL & JOE Limited Edition Manhattan Lipstick
    Call a cab and put on the reddest red lipstick you can find. Get ready to kiss the sky from the roof top of Le Bain.  Literal kisses though, not angel dust-induced ones.

    Mighty Healthy Selegna Sol (LA) Snapback Hat
    Unless you're lucky enough to own Cat's neon Newport hat, you're going to have to fake like you stole a hat off one of your guy friends. Halfway through the night, put it on without looking in the mirror so it looks a little bit disheveled.

    Candi Cord Charging Cable
    Don't forget to bring an iPhone charger!  You're going to be out late not doing drugs and you won't want to miss out on tweeting to The Fat Jew, instagramming the newest MIRF graffiti, and exchanging BFF love texts with your former boss Jane Pratt.

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