• You Should Totally Be This For Halloween: A Greek Goddess

    Chances are you're probably already a goddess in your own right (aren't we ALL, ladies?) but here's a costume to take your goddess-ness to the next, glittery, heavenly level. Whether you're channeling love and beauty like Aphrodite or sneaking off to frolic in the underworld like Persephone, you'll no doubt mystify all on Halloween night. - Hazel

    Gardenhead Goddess Halo Headwrap 
    This olive-tree halo screams "I'm an Olympian live in the Heavens and you totes don't."

    Hazel Metallic Two-Tone Maxi Skirt
    If you were a REAL goddess you would probably go naked except for a bit of draped fabric. But, that's not very realistic, right? Wear this skirt as a strapless dress and tie some rope around your waist. Instant metallic toga. BAM!

    Not Your Mother's Kinky Moves Curl Defining Hair Cream
    Grecian goddess woman had some Botticelli curls going on, so curl it and tease it up into an updo or just let it flow. You're a goddess, you can do whatever you want (except piss Hades off.)