• You Should Totally Be This For Halloween: A Fortune Teller

    What's in the stars for me? When will I get married? When will I die? And will I ever be good at algebra? I don't know! That's for you to tell me, when you dress up as a mysterious and mystical fortune-teller for Halloween. This costume rules because it's not just about looks, it's all about the act too. Once you tell people what your costume is they're probably going to ask you a bunch of wacko questions about their future and you can just say anything. It's fun! Here's how to look like you actually know what you're talking about. - Hazel

    Constantine Goddess Chain Headwrap
    A chain headband draws attention to your (unseen) third eye!

    Magical Crystal Ball Necklace
    If you don't feel like lugging around an actual crystal ball, take this necklace as a little portable one. It still does the trick (aka showing you absolutely nothing about the future).

    UO Stacking Bracelets
    Pile on the bangles! That way when you make lively and intense hand movements as you describe someone's fortune, you'll make sooo much noise. It'll be very dramatic.

    Ecote Wanderer Scarf
    Wrap this colorful scarf around your head or wrap it like a turban.

    Sparkle & Fade Pleated Chiffon Skirt
    A flowy skirt for dancing around the party without a care in the world because you know when everyone is going to die and they don't, hahaha!

    Anna Sui Eye Crayon
    Line your eyes with this smokey sparkly eye crayon as you stare into the future of everyone you meet.

    MK Totem Pony Hair Bucket Bag
    You're definitely going to need a bag to carry around your crystal ball, tarot cards, incense sticks, crystals, gems, and more.