• Without Walls: Traveling Triplets

    When Kylie Turley gets the urge to hit the open road, her two triplet sisters—Lisa and Megan—aren’t exactly shoe-in travel buddies. They’re busy with their own jobs, for one, and Megan’s expecting her second child this spring. Plus, the triplets live miles away from each other—in LA, Encinitas and Boise, respectively. Still, the sisters manage to travel together so much, they started a blog about their adventures. And we’re not just talking family road trips to Yosemite or Yellowstone; they’ve hightailed it everywhere from Haiti to Hong Kong to Honduras—and that’s just the H’s.

    After a lot of practice, the triplets have mastered the art of planning and executing their dream trips together, which is quite a feat considering their busy schedules. But the three insist that joint adventures are the best way to travel.I’m with my best friends, which is special because we don’t usually get that one-on-one time as adults,” says Lisa. Plus, traveling with family makes things super relaxed. “We know each other so well that embarrassing things don’t matter,” Kylie says. “We’re able to listen to horrible music, ask for gas money, or pee on the side of the road.”

    We talked to the triplets about how they make their travels happen and got their tips for planning a trip with your favorite people—even if they don’t live nearby.

    Be Resourceful
    When it comes to finding under-the-radar destinations or cheap flights, the triplets have it nailed. “We use Reserve America for camping spots and Airbnb or VRBO for rentals,” Kylie says. “And Yelp is a good way to check out photos of mom-and-pop spots.” They also research on YouTube and search hashtags on Instagram to get the inside scoop.

    Think Outside the Box
    Don’t listen to your parents or super logical people who think inside the box,” Megan says. “They’re going to say you have to work this many hours and take this many vacation days. But if you want to travel more, you can do it. You just have to make a plan and be willing to live a little differently from everyone else.” For the triplets, that means finding creative ways to make and save money. Kylie is a photographer, Lisa nannies by day and designs jewelry in her spare time, and Megan’s raising her two-year-old and running an online watch company. As for saving, they admit that can be hard. “Some trips take longer to save for than others,” Lisa says. “But if you’re going out a lot, upgrading your phone, and shopping, you might want to think about how you can live more frugally.”

    Communication is Key
    The triplets are able to remain tight friends by making sure they’re on the same page before a trip begins. “If you and your travel buddies don’t have the same goals, it’s going to be less fun,” says Megan. “Especially if your differences require others to make sacrifices, someone will feel like they’re taking on a burden. You want to be there for the same reasons.” The triplets are in constant communication through text, e-mail, and three-way calls. “We’re big fans of Google Plus and Google Hangouts,” Kylie says. “Sometimes it helps to just blab it out.” They also use private Pinterest boards to hash out destinations and activities.

    Everyone Travels Differently—and That’s OK
    The triplets all have their own personalities, obviously; Kylie’s a super-organized minimalist packer, for example, while Lisa and Megan would rather have more accessories and a bigger pack. And each of them is more experienced in certain activities or has already traveled to certain places. So when it comes to planning, making reservations, and finding tickets, they divvy up the work according to strengths, weaknesses, and who’s psyched on what. “We feed off each other’s energy,” Megan says. “There’s usually a ringleader who keeps things organized and makes the decisions, and then we all roll with it.”

    Plan the Big Stuff and Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
    Once the triplets have set the dates and bought the tickets, they relax and go with the flow. They all agree that leaving some of the details to fate makes the trip even more of an adventure.

    Photos by Kylie Turley, words by Hilary Oliver

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