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    What’s the hardest part of a juice cleanse? It’s not Day Three, when you would kill for a hamburger. It’s not the delirious feeling that could be starvation. Nope, the biggest challenge is sipping seltzer at the bar while your friends get toasted. Yeah, turns out bars are a whole lot less fun when you’re not, you know, participating in the main activity.

    Enter the juice crawl. It’s everything you love about a bar crawl—without the hangover. New Yorker Anna Garcia came up with the idea when she wanted to have fun drinks on her birthday and not break her clean eating streak. “I would usually go to a bar on my birthday,” says Anna, who was vegan and sober at the time. “So I was confused, like, ‘What should I do?’” So she enlisted her friends and started a tradition...and a business. Last year Juice Crawl launched its inaugural event, leading health-conscious rabble-rousers to four juice bars around New York City (turns out, there's a lot of them— the event sold out).

    Besides not having to worry about nursing a massive hangover the next day, what are the benefits to a juice crawl? For Anna, who has been obsessed with spreading the juice gospel since she rehabbed her body from pre-diabetes and severe acne, she's experienced them first-hand. “I saw an improvement in my skin after one week,” she says of her first liquid cleanse. “I had gone through so many different treatments before that. The cleanse didn’t completely clear up my skin, but the improvement was inspiring. I realized, wow, what I put in my body makes a difference!”

    Ready to grab a glass and cheers to that? Good—we had Anna share with us the itinerary for Juice Crawl's upcoming St. Patrick's Day-inspired green themed event, so that even if you can't make it you can re-create it. Not in New York? Inspired by Juice Crawl, we've devised green juice crawls for Los Angeles and San Francisco. So round up your friends or head out on your own, because in this case it’s totally OK to drink alone.
    Stop 1: Lulitonix
    Lulitonix delivers to wherever you are (within reason), so kick starting your crawl is as easy as making a call.
    Drink: Sweet green juice made from kale, chard, romaine lettuce, mango, figs, mint, chia, cinnamon, and lemon. It’s delicious and extra filling courtesy of the chia seeds.

    Stop 2:
    Where: 26 East 17th St., New York
    Drink: All Greens. Go pure with kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, celery, and cucumber. You can even take the green up a notch with a “booster” superfood and herbal blend, like spirulina.

    Stop 3:
    Juice Press
    Where: 1 W 22nd St., New York
    Drink: Juice Press has an overwhelming number of green juice choices, but the yellow-green Mother F&*%in' Fireball is the perfect spicy substitute to —you guessed it —a shot of cinnamon Fireball liquor. The formula of greens plus ginger, cayenne, and oil of oregano is also a champion cold-fighter.

    Stop 4:
    Where: 60 West 23rd St., New York
    Drink: Their classic green juice is called Health Insurance, and it’s packed with kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, celery, and cucumber, plus green apple for tart sweetness. If you’re craving post-crawl munchies, the restaurant also serves up veggie versions of comfort foods, like BBQ “pulled pork” seitan sandwiches.

    Stop 1: 
    Juice Served Here
    Where: 609 S. Lincoln Blvd., Venice
    Drink: Clean Greens. It’s got all the standard leafy greens, plus refreshing coconut water.

    Stop 2:
    Moon Juice
    Where: 507 Rose Ave., Venice
    Drink: Billed as a medicinal beauty tonic, the Enzymatic Aloe Tonic promises glowing skin. Moon Juice founder (and former chef) Amanda Chantal Bacon mixes holistic remedies and savory culinary flavors in her juice concoctions (although don’t miss the apothecary of tonics and dusts, too).

    Stop 3:
    Kreation Kafe & Juicery
    Where: 1202 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice
    Drink: Green #2. This “salad in a bottle” packs romaine, spinach, celery, parsley, cucumber, kale, apple, and lemon. A lot of juice places are space age modern, but Kreation still has a hint of old-school earthy, a vibe we are totally into.

    Stop 4:
    Pressed Juicery
    Where: 2409 Main St., Santa Monica
    Drink: Greens 5, a mellow formula of spinach and romaine with a hint of citrus, thanks to orange and pineapple. Just two blocks from the beach, Pressed Juicery is a great to-go stop on the way to or from the water.

    Stop 1:
    Sidewalk Juice
    Where: 3228 21st St., San Francisco
    Drink: This neighborhood shop has been serving more than 100 juices, smoothies, and kombucha blends since 2006. Try their number one green juice, Green Energy; it’s full of spinach, parsley, kale, celery, cucumber, apple, lemon, and ginger.

    Stop 2:
    Happy Moose Juice
    Where: 842 Valencia St., San Francisco (inside Range Restaurant)
    Drink: Chard Knock Life, an ultra-dark green juice of chard, pear, orange, spinach, lime, and ginger. Don’t be surprised by the $2 deposit on their pretty glass bottles; you can return them to be reused or keep one for yourself.

    Stop 3:
    Project Juice
    Where: 790 Valencia St., San Francisco
    Drink: #Getyourgreens, an all veggie juice with pinches of cilantro and aloe.

    Stop 4:
    Where: 550 Valencia St., San Francisco (a pop-up inside West of Pecos)
    Drink: For those who can handle all green, low calories, and no sweeteners, go for the Hunter. Thistle is located in Berkeley, but has a weekday pop-up shop in West of Pecos, a hearty Tex-Mex restaurant that will either test your determination to resist tacos and margaritas or be a savory reward.

    Photos by
    Blow Up, words by Rhea Cortado

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