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    Wikipedia Entries to Read in the Dark

    AHHH. I was on The Hairpin earlier, reading this delightful article about turning a doll's head into a wine glass, when I saw that they had an entry called "Wikipedia Entries to Read in the Dark." YES! Scary Wikipedia entries are my lifeblood. While they've gathered a lot of the classics (Taman Shud, anyone?), here are five more Wiki entries that will sufficiently creep you out just in time for Halloween. -Katie

    "What a nice looking fellow!" you might think. Guess what? YOU WOULD BE WRONG. The man above is Armin Meiwes. You know, just that guy who found another guy on the internet who was willing to be killed and eaten. NBD.

    Who put Bella in the Wych Elm?

    I'm cheating because this isn't a real thing, and also it's from the Creepypasta Wiki, but Squidward's Suicide is literally the scariest thing I've ever read. LAUGH ALL YOU WANT, but I had the above picture of Squidward saved on my computer and I couldn't even look at it. It's horrifying. Look under your bed, he's probably there.

    Alien hand syndrome is a real thing!!!

    I'm cheating again because this isn't from Wiki, but the bodies on Mt. Everest are extremely interesting (and depressing) to read about. Stop climbing Mt. Everest, everyone! Nothing fun ever happens there.