• What Would Ke$ha Want?

    Ke$ha is a fantastic human being. I had the pleasure of attending her concert last summer and it was honestly one of the strangest and most magical experiences of my life. Remember when she was on The Simple Life for a minute? Like, bless her existence. (BTW I miss that show so, so much. R.I.P. NICOLE RICHIE'S FAME.) Anyway, here are some things Ke$ha, the most beautiful trainwreck in the world, would probably like. -Katie

    Dress The Population Lola Sequined Bodycon Dress

    It's gold. It's animal print. Need I say more?

    Reverse Studded Pyramid Jacket

    A nice, casual jacket to chug whiskey in (but only if you're legal—we can't have any babies trying to brush their teeth with Jack Daniels).

    NYX Glitter Powder


    NYX Slide On Eye Liner Pencil

    NYX Glam Aqua Luxe Lipstick

    GOLD ON YOUR F*CKING LIPS! (Need I continue? Ke$ha likes gold, people.)

    Spike Hanger Earring
    Bonus: Instead of taking off your earrings when you're ready to throw down with some chick at the bar, you can incorporate them into your fight.

    Multi-Strand Goddess Chain Headwrap

    If anyone can get away with wearing a chain on their head, it's Ke$ha.

    Wordboner for Society6 Carpe Print
    Ke$ha probably lives inside a whiskey bottle so it may be a little hard to slap this print up on the wall, but it sure would go with her aesthetic.

    F-Bomb Bandages
    You know girlfriend is always falling down.