• What Would Jordan Catalano Want?

    "I'm totally over Jordan Catalano." Angela Chase told her best friends Rayanne Graff and Rickie Vasquez as they watched auditions for the Spring play.  But that was 17 years ago and we're still not over him just as much as Angela wasn't that day in 1995. Yeah, he was illiterate and yeah, he broke up with Angela for being a virgin, but we're talking about JORDAN CATALANO here! He was hot, he was in a band and he had his own car!  Okay, looking back, he kind of sucked (just like all our high school crushes did) but here's what we think the original bad boy we all fell in love with would want for the Holidays (aside from sex). -Ally

    UO Watch Cap
    Sometimes your head gets cold when you're laying around in your red 1969 Plymouth Fury III Convertible letting Angela Chase do your homework for you. You could put the top up, then roll the windows up, but what fun would that be? Oh wait... both were up that one time Rayanne was in the car.  I guess there could be SOME fun (UGH!).

    Levi's Faux Leather Trucker Jacket
    Jordan could be seen wearing his brown pilot-style jacket on cold Pittsburgh days. Here's an updated version of the jacket that would probably be more appropriate to ride around in now that he has a motorcycle (come on, you know he would totally have one in the year 2012).

    Analog Dylan 3/4-Sleeve Tee
    As usual, Jordan needs a few of these baggy, long sleeved "I don't give a fuck" tees for undershirts.

    Icon Brand Stereo Plug Necklace
    Jordan usually rocked some weird choker (which thank the fashion lords, we don't sell) but seeing as he wore any jewelry at all, that means he would probably be into this stereo plug necklace. It would help to pay his dues to the rock gods and hope his band totally doesn't blow it every chance they get (thanks a lot Tino!).

    Ben Sherman Shoreditch Collar Shirt
    The flannel was the '90s trademark for the too cool for school dude. You just knew a guy wearing a oversized flannel was going to skip class to find something else better to do, like when Jordan would sneak off under the bleachers to smoke ciggs or go and like, not read or anything.

    Levi's 513 Seascape Jean
    Jordan wore light baggy jeans to shlep around the hallways in. They were perfect though—he could play music in them, climb through abandoned houses and buildings in them, and get extra comfortable in them while trying to make out with girls in the boiler room.

    Jordan wore black boots because, duh, he's in a rock band.  Plus was able to wear them years later when he ditched Residue (or the band formally known as Frozen Embryos) and finally joined a band that sort of "made it" called 30 Seconds to Mars. Too bad Angela is still too good for him to this day.