• What Would Buffy Want?

    &relatedstHere, we imagine what's on our icons' wishlists this year. 

    Buffy's favorite band, because she wishes the Hellmouth was only popping off on the weekend. If that were true, then maybe she could actually get some homework done. 

    This Chris Habana cross necklace can help keep the vampires at bay, and also makes quite the fashion statement. 

    This scent of death would probably be an aphrodisiac for Angel. 

    Yeah, Buffy has the fate of the world on her shoulders, but she still hates a bad hair day. 

    These crushed-velvet flared leggings are perfect for a night out at the Bronze. 

    This reptile-patterned backpack is good for hauling school books during the day, and weapons at night.

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