• Wednesday Watch: Spring Routines

    Warmer, longer days mean more time spent outside, which means giving our beauty routine its annual refresh for the season. Transition in general is a good time to reassess — and right now our focus is on bringing things into our life and daily routines that nourish and make us feel good. Wednesday Watch rounds up some of our favorite social shares of the week; this week it's with an eye toward all things spring beauty.
    Lead image by @uosandiego

    Back into smoothie season, via @rawcomplexions

    Healing tools, via @thebeesnees

    All things DEWY, via Twitter

    Spring favorites, via @uomiami

    Organic beauty lineup, via @thepalgray

    Cooling mists (with a matching crystal setup), via @laura

    Our kinda rainbow, via Twitter

    Loving everything about this, @sharmtoaster

    Ready for a spring vacation with @uolasvegas

    Sometimes life is all about rosewater and rainbows, via @uoupstate

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