• We Asked, You Answered: Halloween Costumes

    We asked you on Twitter what you think the most popular costumes of this year will be.  Here are our favorite responses! -Ally

    Honey Boo Boo
    Alana Thompson was the reality show breakout star of 2012. Between her accent, attitude and addictive catch phrases (“A dollar makes me holler, honey boo boo!”), this pageant queen is sure to be a Halloween hit this year.

    Big Bird 
    Okay, okay.  I know Big Bird refers to Mitt Romney's death-like threats to the funding for PBS, but have you seen the sexy Big Bird costumes that they have online?  Please, Mitt, kill these instead.

    “Morning After” 
    I really hope whoever said the "morning after" meant they're dressing up as Plan B (seriously, you'd be my hero), but I know it's just going to be a bunch of girls in Risky Business style outfits with smeared mascara, or as characters from The Hangover

    PSY of Gangnam Style 
    I mean, this costume and dance is going to be totally overdone, but it's still cool in my book if Hugh Jackman dressed as Wolverine is doing it.

    The Avengers 
    Oh hell yeah.  Anyone dressed as a character from The Avengers gets extra points in my book.  Shout out to my main man Joss Whedon!

    Lana Del Rey
    I 100% support you in your decision to be the lady love of my life, Lana Del Rey.  Just make sure to do it right and do it big (hair, flowers AND lips).  Hopefully you're dating a guy who will let you put fake tattoos all over his face and neck and your look will sweet like cinnamon.