• Wanderlust: Vietnam Bicycles

    "The bicycles I’ve seen in Vietnam are cheap single-speeds. People here have been able to do a lot with them. I’ve seen some great utility bikes, but I bet they’d love to have gears–I see people walking their bikes up hills and bridges. 

    This bike is loaded with recycling. She wasn’t happy with me as I asked to take her photo; I think she was frustrated in having to re-adjust her load.

    Put a fire in a pot and attach it to your bike. It’s fun to do! A traveling kitchen.

    I saw this when I took a back road through the countryside. No saddle, and an enormous, natural kickstand. I figure this is used as a push-cart.

    This is a close-up of the rear end. I wonder who makes that rack? Tubus?" -Eoin

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