• Wanderlust: Vietnam

    "The landscape in Vietnam has been beautiful, and the traffic has been terrifying and annoying. Misty mountains, rice fields, and water buffalo along with non-stop honking and oncoming buses entering your lane to pass out traffic in front of them. As a cyclist, you can’t take your eyes off the road without risking your life.

    It seems that in Vietnam there’s one rule of the road: you always have the right of way. You have to be aggressive. People don’t use their brakes, they use their horns; they don’t slow down, they just make a lot of noise until someone moves. Cars, scooters, cyclists and pedestrians who are joining traffic don’t look to see what’s coming before they move in, they just move in and figure if they’re in the way, it’s someone else’s problem.

    What I really like is how much the Vietnamese make use of limited space on a vehicle. Seeing a whole family (mom, dad, grandma and maybe a lil' one) on a scooter is so common that I’m not even taking photos of it. In the U.S., it’s pretty uncool for two guys to be on the same motorcycle, but in Vietnam, two or three guys on a scooter is very cool. 

    I’m surprised by how many people I’ve seen sitting on the rear rack of a bicycle. Sometimes they help pedal, or do all the pedaling while the other steers, or if it’s grandma, she just sits there and enjoys the show."-Eoin

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