• Wanderlust: Vietnam

    "I’ve been eating Pho exclusively for the past few days. It’s everywhere and it’s hard to find anything else up here in Northern Vietnam. Signs for Cam Pho line the streets and it seems it’s just a family that decided to open up shop to serve Pho and tea and sometimes beer for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    I recorded some of my ride as I cycled out of Hanoi. There’s a lot of honking here, and scooters.

    I’m going to be the first one to admit it, there’s a lot of interest in me in Vietnam. I get lots of hellos and spooked looks from strangers as I’m riding by. This is so common for me now after only a few days of being here that I’ve gotten jaded, and I’m picky about who I respond to with a hello or a wave. I’m just so damn popular. 

    On my first day riding in Vietnam, I stopped at a bridge for a drink of water. Two girls came running up to me. They couldn’t believe I was here. One of the girls handed her phone to her friend, got next to me, and gave a peace sign. Then all her friends showed up. Trend Alert: worn-out thighs on jeans. 

    After cycling for 4 days through Northern Vietnam, I haven’t seen any other foreigners. And I’ve only encountered two people who speak English with some fluency—beyond “Hello,” and “Happy New Year.” I suppose these girls are so excited to see me because I’m so rare. And because of my beautiful, rare brown eyes. And because I’m crazy cute. Anyway, it’s fun having moments like these, and I appreciate their enthusiasm for me."-Eoin

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