• Wanderlust: The Start

    "I’m feeling a few lifestyle changes now that I’m away from home and starting this bike tour.

    I have one outfit. Besides my cycling clothes, I only have one button-down shirt and some navy pants. The pants are too tight actually—the button is strained at the waist revealing the top of the zipper and the pockets are riding out on the sides. I figure these pants are going to get really loose from all the wear, especially at the knees—flopping like your comfy socks on Christmas morning. If not, I guess they’ll be my goal pants—I’ll be losing a lot of weight, why not set a goal. 

    Hand-washing laundry sucks. I’ve got two pairs of underwear and three pairs of socks. Every night I’ll have to be dunking some clothes in the sink, washing the brown-grey out, and then hanging them overnight to dry. 

    I didn’t bring deodorant; I brought a crystal. I’m very loyal to Old Spice Pure Sport but the stick is too big. I saw a magical deodorizing crystal on Amazon, so I got it for its small size and magic. 

    Not knowing the language makes you an outsider. I’m just going to have to deal with being an outsider for a few months. At least when I was in Central America I picked up on some Spanish and could make sense of it, but I really have no chance with Vietnamese. I’m going to learn the basic basics to give greetings and say thank you but there’s no way I’m going to have a conversation.

    I’ve been growing a rat-tail for a few months now in preparation for this trip to Southeast Asia. If I want to be all Zen and free-flowing over here I need a Zen Haircut. And Buddhist-Monk-haircuts are totally trending right now. Namaste y’all!"-Eoin

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