• Wanderlust: 40 Days

    "Here is my (Road Bone's) trip summary after 40 days of cycling:

    Distance travelled: 3,158 miles
    Hours cycling: 235 hours
    Average speed: 13.5 mph
    Average distance per day: 78.9 miles
    Average time cycling per day: 5:52 hours
    So, if you’ve been wondering what I’ve been doing, I’ve been riding, mostly.

    Longest ride: 121.1 miles in 8:30
    Shortest ride: 36.6 miles in 3:40
    Notable-st ride: Kasi to Luang Prabang, 95 miles in 8:30, 10,150 feet total ascent with a peak at 4,600 feet, and the steepest gradient of 14%. This is a famous bike touring route through the mountains in Northern Laos that’s done over two days, but Road Bone did it in one. You go, Bone!

    Body weight lost: 15 pounds (from 175 to 160)—I’ve been told that I look tired and “worn out,” which only means my summer beach bod is gonna look super tight, like a tight bone.

    Favorite country: Cambodia. The people there were the friendliest. It also has the most interesting history, the best food, and is cheaper than Vietnam and Laos.

    These two months of bike touring through Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos has been an amazing journey—a journey of self-discovery. It’s incredible to realize the power within myself and the child inside. At 29 years of age, I’m finally finding myself.

    Backpacker culture has been the defining influence. The late-night talks in the dorm over a beer with a new hostel friend has directed me along a new path. What is life? Where are you from? Which lonely planet are you using? How long is your trip? Mine’s a lifetime and it truly starts now!

    So with that, I don’t think it makes sense for me to return to the US. I’ve tapped into something truly special within myself here in Southeast Asia. This is my last post and the end of my blob and internet presence. If you need to find me, I’ll be shirtless, dreadlocked, and wearing patchwork fisherman pants on Khao San Road in Bangkok. Ask around for Chi.

    Peace and love,
    Road Bone"-Eoin

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