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    There are some places that you may just never get to go (middle of nowhere Alaska) and some places you might not want to visit even if you're allowed (Suicide Forest, Japan). Those are the places that the VICE team has visited over the years in order to provide their readers with extremely unique documentaries. No idea how they all haven't gotten themselves killed yet, but if you've somehow missed these over the years, here's a few of the more interesting locales they've visited. If you want to see what else they have to offer, there are some even wilder ones over on the VICE YouTube channel. —Katie

    Inside North Korea
    Anything on North Korea is automatically riveting and this documentary is no exception. The tea girl at the end of "Part 1" needs her own documentary because what does she do all day?

    Surviving Alone in Alaska
    Basically it's exactly what the title implies and it's badass and he doesn't even die at the end!

    Suicide Forest In Japan
    The Suicide Forest is something that you think only exists on Wikipedia; when you find out it actually exists, and that there are people who patrol the area for bodies, it's kind of a mind-fuck. This documentary has the VICE crew following around one of the aforementioned patrolmen as he searches for bodies and tries to deter anyone else from taking their life. Suffice it to say he has a pretty heavy job.

    Living Without Laws: Slab City, USA
    This place is what nightmares are made of. Unless you're, y'know, a hippie. Or love hanging out with eccentric desert-folk.

    The Jersey Shore of England
    With a name like "The Jersey Shore of England," you know this documentary is going to deliver.