• US@UO: Travel Diaries with UO Employee Darian Kayce

    Hailing from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, store associate Darian Kayce spends her free time shooting photos of her friends and her ongoing travels. We caught up with her to discuss some of her recent vacation photos and learn what makes the south so special.

    Hi Darian! Tell us a little bit about yourself. What store do you work at? What is it that you do at UO?
    I am a sales associate at the Baton Rouge store!

    What's your favorite thing about working for UO?
    The atmosphere is just the best. I work with so many creative and stylish people + we have the best music always playing. The work day is never dull.

    Tell us about some of the things you did on the road trip!
    We got a lot of food! Beignets, sandwiches at a diner, popsicles, coffee, smoothies... I feel like you can't go to New Orleans without eating the entire time. My favorite part was probably just walking around because there is constantly music playing. Whether it was street performers playing guitars and saxophones or music coming from the many shops. Nonstop entertainment... the best!

    What are your must-haves when it comes to packing for a warm-weather road trip?
    New Orleans is definitely warm. I have to have a flowy dress with sandals and a baseball cap!

    If someone were to come to New Orleans, what one place would you recommend they stop at?
    Cafe Du Monde! Best beignets you could ever have.

    Favorite road trip snacks or places to stop and eat?
    I get sour gummy worms every time I go on a road trip. But coffee is also a must. Finding local coffee shops in the cities you are traveling through is the greatest. They may be a little off course, but most of the time they're completely worth it.

    What's your #1 song to play when you're in the car on a long trip?
    I am LOVING the band LANY right now. "ILYSB" or "Made in Hollywood" are my favorites.

    When did you first become seriously interested in photography?
    I started really getting into photography in high school but didn't have plans to pursue it as a career. After one year of studying to be a teacher in college I knew I was doing the wrong thing and switched my major to visual arts with a concentration in photography. I was like, Yes, this is so right. That was about 4 years ago, so I'd say then!

    Do you have any favorite gear or cameras you like to use?
    I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II with a 35mm and 50mm lens. I also shoot with my iPhone a lot because the camera is great and it's so accessible. I want to start buying disposable cameras and carrying those around with me. There's something exciting about not really knowing what you're going to get when you get them developed.

    What's your favorite part about living in the south?
    The culture, for sure. Being from Louisiana is such a treat because it's so full of life and the food is AMAZING.

    Where's one place you'd like to visit in the next year?
    I'd like to go to Big Sur! I keep seeing pictures from there and it seems like the dreamiest place. You definitely don't see views like that in Louisiana.

    Do you have any personal goals for 2016? If so, tell us what they are and why they're important to you!
    2016 has been a year of so many changes for me, I want to make sure that despite all of the changes I am able to stay grounded and remember who I am and what keeps me passionate. And I'd like to travel a lot more places by the end of the year!

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