• US@UO: The River Adventure

    Our US@UO series is a behind-the-scenes look at UO culture. Whether we're following the stages of a new store build-out, profiling a cool UO employee, or sharing a roundup of recaps from local events, US@UO takes a look at the real people and real stories happening inside Urban Outfitters.

    Sometimes being out of your element isn't all that bad. Especially when you're making new friends on a day long adventure to escape the city. We took a group of UO team members on a trip to the Delaware Water Gap for a day of pizza floats, waterfalls, instant photos, and all around fun. Meet the whole group as they share their stories from their trip to the river and back. 

    Click here to read more about the trip and see the awesome Instax shots from the Delaware Water Gap. 

    London Severa-Scalise

    About London: "Raised by a slightly nomadic mother, I spent my formative years split between the West Coast in Los Angeles and the East Coast in Baltimore, MD. I'm a Capricorn so I'm constantly finding new interests or hobbies to get into. When I was younger, I was super into acting, mostly musical theatre, but I even ended up doing a couple commercials! Then, in high school, I was in an all-girl pop rock band (we opened for the Jonas brothers, twice). Now a lot of my interests are inspired my friends who are all young creatives and challenge me to work in different mediums."

    Here's what London brought with her on the trip:
    “- My Summer Playlist which you can find here.
    - Sunscreen. Always and forever.
    - Multiple pairs of Chuck Taylors. One for general wear and the other for water wear. Gotta love those multipurpose sneaks!"

    Billy Reyes

    About Billy: "Made in the Philippines. I came to the U.S when I was 10 years old.  I haven't gone back since, but definitely planning on going next year. I love everything outdoors. I enjoy camping, swimming, and running. I paint every now and then, but when I do, I like to paint Pop art with bright colors. I am probably the biggest blue slushy addict you will ever meet. I am at 7-Eleven almost every day. I like caramel on my chicken wings. I love hanging out with friends. One talent I wish I can have is the ability to sing well because Im always singing in the shower. When I'm not working at Urban, I work at the World's Largest dairy store "Stew Leonard's." I host kids birthday parties and there's nothing better than watching someone have so much fun."

    Here's what Billy brought (or didn't bring) with him on the trip:
    "The one thing I wanted to pack for this trip was gel, and I forgot it. This trip made me realize it's ok to keep your hair down, sometimes." 

    Carole Aset Morris 

    About Carole: "My name is Carole Aset Morris. I like to think I embody the goddess Aset, all blessing to her. I'm 19 years old and my family is from Jamaica and America. I love to draw, paint, and just create art in whatever ways possible. "

    Here's what Carole brought with her on the trip:
    "I brought my Vintage Renewal shorts, bathing suit, Converse shoes, and a beautiful towel all packed in my black weekender reversible tote." 

    Dylan Neuhaus

    About Dylan:
    "I'm 20 years old, born and raised in New England. I currently reside in Connecticut, but spend a lot of time in New York City, where I attend school, and in South Carolina, where my mom lives. I spend almost all of my free time outdoors, either skating, hiking, fishing, or just exploring new places and shooting tons of film. I have been skateboarding for nearly 10 years, and have been shooting photos on film for the last 5 or 6 years. Some of my other interests are: English bulldogs, which I have had my entire life, black coffee, farming and gardening, foggy mornings, rainy days, punk music, pomade, denim, autumn, road trips, flannels, boots, Vans, and Converse."

    Here's what Dylan brought with him on the trip:
    "- My Converse that I bought my first day at Urban. They have been to over 20 states with me.
    - Some Vans slip ons that acted as water shoes for the day.
    - Lots of tank tops. I'm trying to get rid of that farmers tan.
    - My trusty film camera and lots of film.
    - Swim trunks.
    - JORTS.
    - Byrd Pomade." 

    Jess Farran

    About Jess: “Well I'm 22, and I was raised in Traverse City, or "the pinky," of Michigan. I'm currently splitting my time between Philly, Michigan, and Georgia, where I attend the Savannah College of Art and Design for photography and fashion marketing and management. Clearly I can't sit still and need to occupy 3/4 of America (lol). I definitely have an affinity for nature, having been raised with all boys in Northern Michigan, I was hardly ever inside while growing up. I'm pretty sure I'm still trying to wash all the dirt out of my hair from climbing trees as a kid. However, on the flip side, there's definitely a part of me that always needed to experience the energy of a big city, Philly is definitely satisfying my needs for the time being. No matter where I'm from/going/headed though I'll always have a camera in my hand, photography has always been just second nature to me. I don't think I could ever stop shooting even if I tried.”

    Here's what Jess brought with her on the trip:
    “I didn't pack much honestly! I've never really been one for planning ahead, so I just stuffed an extra pair of shorts and a swimsuit into a measly little tote bag and called it good. However I did bring lots of snacks, I can't handle life if I don't have snacks.”

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