• US@UO: Tayler Rich

    Wanderlust, beach edition: spend a sunny day-in-the-life with photographer + UO Miami store team member Tayler Rich (@tayler_rich) (and then click here to read the UO Miami team's guide to summer in the city)
    Photos by Yesi Flores

    Can you introduce yourself — tell us bit more about who you are, where you live, what you do?
    My name is Tayler Rich. I'm 24 years young and I was born and raised in Miami, FL. My favorite food is steak and I enjoy taking long walks on the beach...just kidding, but not really.

    What is your role at UO? Can you tell us a bit more about your job, what do you like about what you do?
    Well, I started working for UO as a part time sales associate when I was still in college. Four years later, I'm now the Assistant Store Manager at STR 1010 on Miami Beach. Aside from my normal manager duties, I also run the @uomiami Instagram account. 

    I think my favorite part about my job is that everyday is a completely different experience. There are days that run smoothly and others that do not, but the situational issues that occur help you grow stronger as a manager/individual. It's also pretty great to be able to express your true self as well as have the opportunity to work alongside other genuine and creative individuals.

    What else are you passionate about?
    I'm a sucker for aesthetics. I don't really consider myself a photographer, but I do enjoy taking photos... I pretty much have no clue what I'm doing; I just understand what looks good and what doesn't. 

    Aside from being creative, I'm pretty passionate about the people I surround myself with.  

    What’s a typical day in the life for you?
    I work a 40 hour work week and my schedule tends to be all over the place. But when I'm not at work I'm pretty much a homebody. 

    When I was younger I felt that it was necessary to go out and do something every chance I got. The older I get, the more I can appreciate not having to do anything but sit at home relaxing/scrolling through Instagram (vicariously living through everyone else on my feed).

    What are some of your favorite local spots — coffee, food, places to explore/be outside...
    If I ever do go out, you can find me at Gramps. In my opinion, It's definitely the coolest bar in Miami. Their drink menu is incredible and it's always got good vibes whether you're there by yourself or with friends. 

    I also catch myself at this little gem of a cacti and succulent nursery called Isaac Farms. The spot is located super south and basically in the middle of nowhere, Miami. I could literally spend hours roaming the aisles and always leave with a couple more plants to add to my growing cacti collection.

    What’s a dream project for you?
    A dream project of mine is to hopefully work at URBN home office with the social media team. Ever since I took on the responsibility of running @uomiami, I realized how much I enjoyed being able to create images and product set ups that can make an impact. It's fun to conceptualize a photo in your head and then execute it. Most of the time it doesn't end up exactly how I imagined it but sometimes it exceeds my original expectations. I would love to have the opportunity to utilize creativity as a full time career.

    What’s your mantra / favorite quotation?
    In the wise words of Ace Hood as per the classic hit from 2009, "Hustle Hard." I've worked really hard to get to the position that I'm in, and I will continue to do so everyday. Things in life don't get handed to you, so always give it 110%! 

    What are you looking forward to this season?
    Summer in Miami just means more beach days, better weather, and pool parties!

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