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    To usher in the start of fall, we threw a cozy rooftop movie screening party deep in the heart of Brooklyn. Find out more about the employees who attended, and get some inspo for your own rooftop hang.

    Falling leaves, cups of cider, ankle boots, scarves (!)... these are just a few of the reasons that we're welcoming in fall with open arms. With colder weather on our minds, we made sure our rooftop party was the epitome of cozy, even when the sun went down.

    We chilled on the roof with a few UO employees to kick back and watch a few movies, and while we were relaxing we got the scoop on everyone's favorite party tips. Read on to find out more!

    Above: Copper Mugs

    AJ's Ultimate Apple Cider
    "I'm from the west coast, but I'm discovering that I love fall, especially all the seasonal snacks and drinks. I could drink cider all year long." —AJ Quon, Social Media Manager

    -2 cups of cider (from wherever your favorite place is!)
    -pinch of cinnamon
    -pinch of allspice
    -pinch of nutmeg
    -1-2 shots of bourbon
    -1/2 shot of cinnamon schnapps
    -1 apple, sliced

    Making this drink is super easy. Just dump your cider and spices into a pot on the stove and bring (slowly) to a boil. Doing this over low heat is fine. Once the drink starts boiling, reduce heat and let the mixture simmer. Add in your bourbon and schnapps. Garnish with apples when finished and then serve hot. This will make 2 smaller drinks or one large drink, whichever you prefer.

    Above: Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera

    "I love putting out Instax cameras at every single party I throw. Everyone always seems to have a great time snapping photos of themselves. If you want, you can also have people bring their own film - that way, they can take home anything they're super amped about."

    "One of my friends actually has the Fujifilm Instax Printer, which is also amazing at parties. You just have to download an app and you can print out literally anything from your phone. It's fun to filter things beforehand and then print them out, so you'll know they look good." —Brittany Smith, Events Coordinator

    Above: Rohini Velvet Daybed Cushion

    "Whenever we have people over, we like to go nuts at the store. A few hours ahead of time, my roommates and I will head out and make sure to grab snacks in every category: salty, sweet, candy. (Candy's a separate category, right?) It's deeply important to have a good mix of things, so we try to cover all the bases. Pro-tip: The Homestyle Microwave popcorn from Pop Secret is SO GOOD. Buy that for a movie night and mix in some peanut M&Ms. You'll be set." —Katie Gregory, Content Editor

    "I love putting out snacks, even if it's just a movie night! Something like pretzels is super easy. Grab some cream cheese for dipping. It's so good. (And super unhealthy, but whatever.)" —Derrick Austinson, Social Media Coordinator

    "If you live in a small apartment and don't actually have that much seating space, throw out some floor pillows for people. The more the merrier. Stack a bunch of them on top of one another to make a sort of makeshift couch. Then, you can always tuck everything under your bed when you're not using them." —AJ Quon, Social Media Manager

    String lights
    will help make any room automatically feel cozier, even if it's a dorm room. Our rooftop party was amazing, but not everyone has a rooftop and that's okay. Set up a movie night in your living room and the vibes will still be just as cozy!" —Brittany Smith, Events Coordinator

    "You can set up a big movie screen on your wall pretty easily with a projector. They're cool to set up when you have a big group of people coming over. My favorite movies to watch with big groups of people are scary movies." —Derrick Austinson, Social Media Coordinator

    "We like to get a good playlist ready, for whenever whatever movie we're watching ends. (Our household forces everyone to listen to Limp Bizkit and Britney Spears, because they're classics and the voices of a generation.) Have a nice loud speaker to hook it up to and your friends will stay all night long." —Katie Gregory, Content Editor

    Above: Phillips Wireless Pico Projector

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