• US@UO: Ringing in the New Year

    We threw a sparkling, confetti-filled NYE party with a few UO employees, and you're invited. See what each of our employees thinks is a must-have for any NYE party and find out what they're looking forward to doing in the new year.

    Every New Year's Eve, everyone goes big: sequins, huge dance parties, and overpriced drinks. This year, we're planning to keep things simple with a low-key house party, comprised of our closest friends. No one will have to worry about a bunch of angry bros in button-downs taking over the bar and the music will be forever amazing because you're the one in charge.

    When you go out New Year's Eve, the best part about it is dressing up and getting all decked out, but this year we plan on wearing our favorite combos of comfy and glitzy. For our US@UO employee party, everyone threw on what made them most comfortable. Twins Cait and Delaney Poli, the masterminds behind the @uonewyork account, opted for "fancy comfort" in the form of adidas sneaks paired with a sparkly slip and fun mesh socks.

    Above: Iridescent Garland

    For the decor, everyone was in agreement that simple was best, and we ended up with a room covered in confetti. Plenty of the UO iridescent shimmer curtains made the cut, which are great for taking photos, and the confetti was just a simple silver.

    If you want to experience the joy of confetti on New Year's Eve, but aren't too thrilled about thinking about it being all over your house at the end of the night, try to make a designated confetti spot for photos. Keep some confetti in a bucket and let people throw it and go nuts - as long as they keep it in one room or one part of the house. If all else fails, it vacuums up pretty easily at the end of the night. Throw out some string lights, a few disco balls, and turn the lights down and the neon up; your house will be picture perfect for NYE before you know it.

    Above: Silence + Noise Akiko Sequin Mock Neck Top

    For food, make sure to leave out a variety of snacks. Social Media Manager AJ Quon is a big fan of peanut butter pretzels because they're "so good," while content editor Katie Gregory thinks that plain potato chips are a "must-have."

    When it comes to drinks, NYE is the time to go all out on champagne. Find good looking party cups to serve everyone in. They'll look great in photos and make everyone feel fancier than just a plain old Solo cup. We're big fans of these Copper Party Cups because they're casual like a Solo cup, but perfectly shiny and fun for NYE. Pick two different cocktails for the night and stock up on supplies for each. Give them both cute names and treat your guests. Making sure to have some alcohol and cocktail ingredients on hand will make your party feel even more legit.

    Above: adidas Trefoil T-shirt

    Finally, the most important part of the night: music. Your goal is to keep everyone dancing, so make sure you've got a good blend of classics, Top 40, and newer hits that everyone is into. For our UO Employees, Lil Yachty was a must-have, but Cait and Delaney both agreed that some "older" classics, like Christina Aguilera, Britney, and Usher, were all completely necessary to add onto a playlist. AJ believes that no party is complete without Fifth Harmony's "Work from Home," so we made sure to play it multiple times. A wireless speaker with an app will make it easy for everyone to add the songs they love onto the playlist.

    Overall, let your friends kick back, relax, and have some fun! Don't worry about the mess - that's something you can deal with in 2017.

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