• US@UO: Halloween Party

    We threw the best party ever and you’re invited: Find out more about our home office team, along with some of their favorite costumes, party foods, and playlists that have made their Halloweens so memorable through the years. (Oh, and yes - there's also some giant panda heads.)

    We're ready to get this party started - what songs are a "must" for a Halloween playlist?

    "'My Body’s a Zombie For You' by Dead Man’s Bones, 'In Your Bones' by Crooked Colours and 'The Baddest Man Alive' by The Black Keys." -Sara Laos, events coordinator

    "'Thriller' by MJ, The Halloween film soundtrack, and 'What Do You Mean?' by Justin Bieber, just because it's a great song." -Justin Mailloux, content editor

    "'In Dreams' by Roy Orbinson (from the spooky Blue Velvet scene); ' Bad Ritual' by Timber Timbre (spooky melody); and 'Puppy Knuckles' by The Frights (not actually that spooky)." -Kiersten Marian, project manager

    "'Bad Moon Rising' by Creedence Clearwater Revival, 'Head Like a Hole' by NIN, 'Professional Widow' by Tori Amos, and anything by oOoOO." -Jean, editorial copywriter

    What's one of your favorite Halloween traditions you had growing up?

    "Every year around Halloween I go to the PA Ren Faire! It’s not specifically Halloween-related but there are thousands of people dressed in elaborate outfits so it’s close enough. There are also elaborate pumpkin displays and turkey legs, two things I feel passionately about."  -Alayna Giovannitti, social media marketing coordinator

    "Going to all the haunted houses in the area." -Dana Rich, social media coordinator

    "Scary movie marathons with all my dorky friends." -Justin Mailloux, content editor

    "My mother has a big vegetable garden, and when we were kids she grew pumpkins. When the pumpkins were small, she would carve my brother and my names into them so we would each have our own personalized jack-o-lantern." -Tobey Ward, copywriter

    "Going to my grandparents. My grandma would always wear the same witch costume that would scare me half to death... each year. Couldn't get over it. She would answer the door and I would start crying." -Meg Creamer, marketing manager

    What have you always wanted to be for Halloween but couldn’t figure out how to execute?

    "Kaleesi. I feel like I could really do it, but her outfits are so elaborate and I don’t want to half-ass KALEESI. Maybe one day." -Jean, editorial copywriter

    "Captain Planet. I could never find enough Planeteers." -Justin Mailloux, content editor

    "All five of the Spice Girls at once. TELL ME HOW." -Anthony Bellantoni, sales audit assistant

    "A centaur. Specifically the ones from Fantasia." -Dana Rich, social media coordinator

    There's this old movie called Clifford where Martin Short is, like, 35 but plays a 10-year-old boy who's obsessed with a plastic dinosaur... I've always wanted to go as him, but I'm sure literally no one would get the reference." -Katie Gregory, content editor

    What do you think the perfect Halloween party needs to be The Absolute Best?

    "Cute animals dressed up as other cute animals. Gets me every time." -Kiersten Marian, project manager

    "A really great theme and people who are willing to go all out with their costumes." -Tobey Ward, copywriter

    "A regret-filled following day." -Justin Mailloux, content editor

    "People in costumes. Some people don't even try! That's no fun." -Dana Rich, social media coordinator

    "Stupid foods that look like weird body parts. Never gets old." -Alayna Giovannitti, social media marketing coordinator

    Which Halloween movie bad guy is your favorite and WHY?

    "Michael Myers. Last year I went to a haunted house and they had this ‘Michael Myers’ guy walking around the lobby to scare and entertain when everyone is in those long lines. Anyway, we made eye contact and he kept following me the WHOLE NIGHT. There was something about him, and I could tell he was a definite hottie under the mask. He was just SO TALL. IDK, now I feel like I have a little crush on him." -Lynn Kostelny, social media coordinator

    "She’s not the bad guy, but Shelley Duvall from The Shining. She’s so spooky and sickly looking. I think I’m going to base my entire fall wardrobe around her outfits in the movie (+ Danny’s Apollo 11 sweater)." -Kiersten Marian, project manager

    "Freddy because he’s the most innovative." -Anthony Bellantoni, sales audit assistant

    "Michael Myers, he walks slow and still gets you and some how doesn’t die. Can you imagine if you woke up and he was just hovering over you? Ew." -Dana Rich, social media coordinator

    In your opinion, what's the best scary movie to watch on Halloween?

    "Is Hocus Pocus scary enough? That’s all I ever want to watch on Halloween and also every day." -Alayna Giovannitti, social media marketing coordinator

    "LOL, Hocus Pocus." -Sara Laos, events coordinator

    "Hocus Pocus!!!!" -Dana Rich, social media coordinator

    "SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE 3." -Anthony Bellantoni, sales audit assistant

    Scariest/spookiest thing that’s ever happened to you?

    "One time I saw a ghost, but no one believes me!" -Kiersten Marian, project manager

    "I once went to my high school in the middle of the night on a dare with some friends and swore we saw people roaming the hallways." -Meg Creamer, marketing manager

    "I was cleaning carpets as a small job during high school with my neighbor. We were cleaning an empty house that no one lived in at the time in the middle of the day. I was upstairs spraying cleaning chemicals onto the carpet (so maybe it has something to do with that), but then a little girl in purple overall shorts, a Mini-Mouse t-shirt, and pigtails came skipping up the stairs. We startled each other, and she went back downstairs. My neighbor still to this day says no one came in or out of the house while he was out front, and he made us do that job very quickly after I told him what happened. Basically, I saw a ghost girl." -Justin Mailloux, content editor

    Can you dig up some of your old Halloween photos?

    "Me as a dino (with... a double face?) and Dracula." -Justin Mailloux, content editor

    "The story behind this is that I had an amazing costume the year before (it was a custom-made Little Mermaid costume!) and it didn’t fit me anymore and I was so upset, but I still wanted to walk in the Halloween Parade at school. My parents threw this together really quickly and my dad colored my face in with scented orange magic marker. I was not happy." -Alayna Giovannitti, social media marketing coordinator

    "This is a picture of me (dressed as batman) with the aforementioned grandmother that would terrify me." -Meg Creamer, marketing manager

    "My brother and I were pilgrims. Keeping those Thanksgiving vibes alive, I guess." -Sara Laos, events coordinator

    "This isn't from Halloween (those pics are lost to the sands of time), but I went through a phase where I was obsessed with being a cat, and my favorite Halloween when I was younger was when I got to dress up as a cat for school. This is just a standard picture of me eating from a cat bowl, but if you imagine CVS cat ears added in, this was also pretty much me on Halloween." -Katie Gregory, content editor

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