• US@UO: Friendsgiving in Washington

    Our US@UO series is a behind-the-scenes look at UO culture. Whether we're following the stages of a new store build-out, profiling a cool UO employee, or sharing a roundup of recaps from local events, US@UO takes a look at the real people and real stories happening inside Urban Outfitters.

    Friendsgiving is here again and it’s our favorite time of year. We gathered around the table with five UO employees and their friends for a night of great food, conversation, and new memories. Scroll on to read all about it! 

    What’s your favorite dish to bring to Friendsgiving dinner? 
    “Pumpkin pie with candied pecans. That’s all you need. My parents used to never get it because they preferred apple pie.” - Kevin

    “Apple stuffing. I make it every year. This year, I’m going to switch it up a bit and try to make a white chocolate bread pudding (mouth watering).” - Annie 

    “I'm generally the one that's hosting Friendsgiving so I make all the dishes. I like planning events and having people around me so I cook as much as possible. If I was going to someone else's event, however, I would bring my homemade mac and cheese that my mother taught me how to make and I grew up eating. “ - Kayla 

    “Mac n' Cheese. Not quite traditional but so tasty! Its always a hit.” - Jayla 

    Who is your Friendsgiving dream guest and why? 
    “Francois Pierre la Varenne (the french chef suspected of being the inventor of the pumpkin pie in 1653)” - Kevin

    “Gene Wilder for sure! I think he was such an interesting person and I am sure he would have the best stories to tell!” - Jayla 

    “If I could have anyone at Friendsgiving it would definitely be Beyonce because she’s the queen and who wouldn’t want one-on-one time with Beyonce?” - Annie 

    “I want to invite the K-Pop groups GOT7, B.A.P, VIXX, and Infinite! They are my favorite groups and all the members of each group are hilarious. It also helps that they're gorgeous. “ - Kayla 

    What songs are you on your Friendsgiving dinner playlist? 
    "Everything In Its Right Place by Radiohead,  James Joint by Rihanna, and Elephant by Tame Impala." - Jayla 

    “I generally only listen to K-Pop and the friends that come to my party do, too. If they don't, we are all open minded so we can really listen to anything. But we always turn up to CL or 2NE1 and BIGBANG. They know how to get the party started!” - Kayla 

    “Songs on my Friendsgiving playlist would be along the lines of Frank Ocean, Kayne, Beyonce (duh), Marian Hill, and maybe some Diplo ft. J Beibs” - Annie 

    Favorite Friendsgiving tradition (or one you think should be started)? 
    “Eat dessert first!” - Jayla 

    “Having pumpkin pie” - Kevin

    “A tradition that I would start would be to take a big group photo and have a book for people to write what they are thankful for in. Once everyone wrote what they were thankful for I would add the photo and then the next year we could all read it and see who was all there that year and how our thankfulness has changed.” - Annie

    “After dinner with music and plenty of talking (and wine ^_~) , we bust out the Cards Against Humanity and that's when things get a little crazy. Lol while we play, we decorate cupcakes to eat. “ - Kayla 

    Best movie to watch after Friendsgiving dinner? 
    Home Alone” - Jayla 
    “I don't really watch movies afterwards. We stay up talking and just sharing our worlds with one another. Heck, I try to get people to stay as far away from technology as possible if we're not on Snapchat or taking pictures. Even then, I'm fine if we have nothing but music in the background so that we can be truly together.”  - Kayla 
    “I fall asleep during movies, so after dinner we would watch Gilmore Girls. Sorry,boys.” - Annie
    Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin Special” - Kevin

    Favorite Friendsgiving… 
    “White wine (any kind), followed by tea” - Kayla
    “Apple cider” - Jayla 
    “Spiced apple cider” - Annie

    “Artichoke dip” - Jayla 
    “Deviled eggs” - Kayla
    “Baked brie” - Annie

    “ROLLS! With butter.” - Jayla 
    “Mac n’ cheese” - kayla
    “Stuffing” - Annie

    “Turkey (because I’m basic like that)” - Kayla 
    “Mac n’ cheese” - Jayla 
    “HAM” - Annie

    “Chocolate chip Cookies with milk” - Jayla 
    “I’ll bake cupcakes and we can all decorate them together.” - Kayla 
    “Apple and pumpkin cheese cake” - Annie 

    The number one rule for Friendsgiving is… 
    “Laugh as much as you can.” - Jayla 
    “Bring a homemade dish and wine ;)” - Annie 
    “..you don't talk about Friendsgiving.” - Kayla 
    “Bring pumpkin pie.” - Kevin 

    What are you thankful for? 
    Outside of work, I'm really grateful for my little brother. He's honestly just brightens up my day. I don't see him as often as I'd like, but if I'm ever having a bad day, I can always steal him away from my parents. We can go and do fun things. It's like he's in a different vibe. When he's with me and my mom, he's crabby and he's a punk. But then when he's with me, he's like so loving and kind. He'll do anything with me, so that puts a smile on my face when I'm down.” - Annie 

    “I'm definitely thankful for all the opportunities that have been thrown my way. I’m a busy person and I’ve always known that I was destined to do something great. I just felt liked I needed the opportunity and needed to get out of my bubble. Now that I’m in Seattle, I feel like I’m getting so many more experience that I never would have had.” - Kayla 

    “I have a younger brother and I'm really thankful for having him around. I was an only child for 12 years of my life and he's just this totally different aspect of my life that would never be there if I didn't have an 11 year old brother hanging out with me. He's awesome, plays a lot of sports. I'm thankful that he's there and he loves me and he'll hang out with me.” - Jayla 

    “The creative growth I've been able to do in photography. Last year I felt like I wasn't really content with what I was doing. I hit a point where I'm not stoked on everything I produce, but I'm at least at a level where I'm like, "This is exactly what I want to be shooting. This is how I want to be presenting myself." - Kevin 

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