• US@UO: Advice From Our Moms

    This Mother's Day, we're reflecting on how amazing our own moms are — here's some of the best advice or lessons we've gotten from our mothers throughout the years....
    Lead photo from Tobey Ward

    "My mom always taught me to trust myself and the people around me. She said that her goal as my parent was to teach me to always be self-assured — empowered to be my own person and lead my own path" — Derrick Austinson, Social Media Manager

    "My mom sends me inspirational/ motivational emails to my work account a few times a week. I always send them around our office to give everyone a good laugh. She’s always been my biggest supporter and I look forward to these emails every week!" — Meg Creamer, Director of Experimental Marketing

    "Mother's day makes me think of my grandmother — the above photo was taken in Venezuela when she lived there with our family in the early 1940s. Her dad built the house she’s leaning on, and she designed and sewed the dress she’s wearing. She’s incredibly creative, witty, and strong-minded, and I like to think that she helped shape me to be the same way. She knows I take things kind of seriously, so every time we talk she has to remind me “if you can’t find a way to laugh at life, it’ll make you cry.” — Brittany Smith, Events Coordinator

    "My mom has always been about keeping it simple (not so easy for me!) her best advice to me continues to embody just that: "one day at a time."— Jean, Editorial Copywriter

    "I asked my mom for some words of wisdom and advice — here's what she wrote back: 'Giving words of wisdom, experience, and hope. As I write these three words I realize that the order of them is fluid, changing as my life is lived. Through challenges and experiences, each of these is encountered and absorbed into ourselves. My advice to my children and my loved ones has always been steadfast in living your life with a “great attitude and gratitude” in all circumstances and knowing within yourself that all will be fine at the end of each day.'" — Michael Hogan, Events Manager

    “Whenever I asked my mom for love advice, she always said, ‘Just go with the energy.’” — Tobey Ward, Editorial Copywriter

    "I love my mom. She sends me cat videos literally every day via Facebook messenger, which is the most mom thing a mom can do. She’s also always alerting me to internet scams and is convinced I’m going to die by the hands of a murderer thanks to the local news. I asked my mom what wisdom she would like to share for this post and she said: “Wow. One piece of advice? I’ll have to ponder…” And then she never got back to me. LYLAS, mom." — Katie Gregory, Content Editor

    "My mom, Shari has taught me how to be endlessly creative. When I was in kindergarten she had everyone in the neighborhood donate their old milk cartons so she could build me a huge castle in our driveway, complete with a working drawbridge!" — Lynn Kostelny, Brand Marketing Manager

    “I’m a mama’s boy through and through. Like, if I was a rapper I’d have a song about my mom. She’s incredible and taught me how to be kind, gracious, and loving. She also forced me to listen to artists like Whitney Houston, Boyz II Men, Mariah Carey, and Michael Jackson every weekend while we cleaned the house – so thanks for teaching me young, Mom!” — AJ Quon, Social Media Manager
    "My mother was super low-key and really let me do whatever I wanted for the most part. But the only “bad word” in my house growing up was “loser.” I was never to call someone a “loser” — she taught me that everyone had worth and that the worst thing I could do was to ever make someone feel like they were less than. Also, she used to put extra snacks in my lunchbox for the kids whose parents packed them 'gross, healthy snacks.'" — Stacey Britt Fitzgerald, Director of Creative Marketing

    "I don't think any person in history has ever gotten away with talking to my mom in a way she didn't like. Growing up I used to be embarrassed when she'd call someone out for being rude, but now I understand it takes a lot to do that and realize she's actually a badass for sticking up for herself no matter what. She always tells me, "You have to teach people the way you want to be treated." Truth!" — Alayna Giovannitti, Social Media Manager
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