• Urban Renewal Diary: Vintage Street-Style in Austin

    This month,  we headed down to Austin, Texas for South by Southwest, and see how people there wear vintage. We heard that Austin's South Congress Ave. was the best area for great vintage, and man, did we hear right!  We found a little area where a mini music fest was going on complete with tents full of vintage and, of course, a tent serving BBQ. 
    One of the tents was occupied by Scott Willimack, owner of Big Rig Vintage, and Lindsay Lipscomb of Gypsy Sun. When we asked Lindsay 'Why vintage?' she responded, "I love that every piece has history and a story behind it…" They have 16 years in the vintage business between the two of them! There they are above.

    The next tent over housed Molly and Brian Salvi of Squash Blossom Vintage. They told us that while there are a lot of tourists in Texas who tend to go toward the more traditional pieces such as pearl snap shirts and cowboy boots, Austin has its own vintage style that is reminiscent of Stevie Nicks and Anita Pallenburg. The urban cowgirl and bohemian looks with a lot of '70s influence is very apparent! This is Molly in all of her vintagey glory. We love her shades!

    Over the next couple of days, we ran into tons of people with amazing style. One overlying theme that we noticed was denim done right! Whether it was in a '70s-style stovepipe, or head-to-toe mixed shades, denim is always a staple. Above is a perfect example—none other than The Watson Twins!

    Here is Jillian, a 23-year-old from Austin, wearing amazing salmon-colored stovepipes and a girly blouse tied at her waist.

    We were impressed by the guys' style, too; layering it up with t-shirts, vests, tanks and sweaters…and don't forget the leather jacket!

    Clara, 17, and Johanna, 19, are from Sweden and in the band First Aid Kit. We love the boots-with-skirts look, and those jackets are amazing!

     All around great style, what else can we say?!—UO Renewal

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