• Urban Outfitters Responds to False Allegations by Necklace Designer

    Hi everyone. There's been a lot of conversation around a situation that happened between Urban Outfitters and Etsy Designer Stevie Koerner. We can assure you we resolved this incident when it was first brought to our attention and have not sold this product since then, but it appears that there are still several misunderstandings around the situation.

    We bought the design that we carried from a third party vendor but when it came to light that the design was not original, we pulled the jewelry and returned it to the vendor in question. As it turns out, the jewelry design in question was actually around for several years and was used by numerous designers prior to Stevie Koerner, which we found out after we investigated the situation.

    We want you all to know we work with our vendors and in house designers to make sure all of our designs are original, and if any issues come up we work to resolve them quickly and fairly to all involved. We thank everyone for their concern and want you all to know that we take your comments very seriously.