• #UOonCampus: Living Together with Zoe and Katerina

    We chat with BFF roomies Zoe Bullock and Katerina Tannenbaum to find out the key to living together harmoniously and how they compromise on their differing decorating styles.

    Above: Elodie Sofa

    Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves and what you do for a living?
    ZB: Everything I do revolves around storytelling. I am a writer and a film maker, but I also love to draw, paint, perform and I love fashion. I think there are many ways to tell a story. We live in Bushwick, in Brooklyn, NY. 

    KT: My work spans all regions of performance, I am primarily an actor but I also have a dance background and I model. I am from Portland, OR and have lived in NYC for the past 5 years.

    Tell us a little bit about your friendships with one another.
    ZB: Kat and I met in science class when I was in eighth grade! We grew up together in Portland, OR, sometimes it's a true relief to have someone around that knows where you came from and who you were through the years, what you've been through. We explore a great deal of thought and ideas together, but I never have to explain anything to her, she knows how I'm feeling with just a look or through body language, and I can read her instantly too. I also love getting to work with someone I fully respect creatively, she inspires me on the daily. 

    KT: I met my best friend Zoe in 7th grade! We went to the same middle school and got plopped in a science class together. Been by eachothers sides ever since. Our friendship is a rare and special mix of being able to dive into conversations that alter the way i see the world, and snort-cry inducing laughy silliness. She is a woman I deeply respect, we are lucky to have found one another.

    Above: I Like U Woven Blanket

    How do you guys compromise on decor?
    ZB: I think we're both pretty sentimental, so certain objects end up containing a great deal of meaning. We definitely balance each other out aesthetically, but that translates into our friendship too. She has all kinds of strengths that I lack, and in those places of struggle we support each other. 

    KT: Living with Zoe is as close to living with family as i can imagine, which to me means ultimate comfort and little boundaries (haha) Zoe and I have both always been very aware and connected to color and the emotional connection we have to our objects so our home is mesh of our past and current interests. 

    Above: Velvet Throw Pillow

    Any tips in general for decorating while living with multiple people?
    ZB: I generally don't have a lot of stuff, a lot of clothes and little things from my past to keep a kind of archive of people I love, so it's great to come into these Brooklyn apartments when previous tenants leave stuff behind, and I collect things when other people in the building move out, lots of random things left in the halls. Your own room is where you get to do whatever the hell you want, but once we move into shared spaces, it's important to be considerate of other people. I'm cool with most things as long as its clean and not too cluttered. 

    KT: Living in NYC means understanding that space is compromised and that you have to approach a living space with even more care and consideration than you might had you been granted a couple more feet. I think decorating an apartment should be approached in the same way as any collaborative action, communicate!

    Above: Hanna Barczyk Girls Print

    What do your dream homes look like?
    ZB: I think both of us still dream of owning homes in Portland. When I'm older somewhere outside of the city, surrounded by forest and river, where the kitchen is the center of the house. I also dream of living in some sort of artist commune, a huge space with all the people I love and lots of visitors. 

    KT: My dream home lives back in Oregon, I imagine lots of windows, lots of greens and the ability to burn wood in or around the house. I think my main dream in terms of a place to call my own is some land that i have the freedom to care for the people I love and the space to create and exist autonomously. 

    Where do you both see yourself in five years?
    ZB: I hope to have found a community of people that I can make films with. I already have an arsenal of humans I've met throughout the years that inspire me and fuel my practice, so I'm hoping to have enough power in five years to start being able to produce these projects I've been stewing in my whole life, with a team that is aimed towards building the same things (mainly dismantling that power that allows that same profit).

    KT: What I've come to understand is that no matter where I see myself, things will always look a lot different than I had anticipated. My main goal is to be a tool in the realm of important storytelling (which I believe can live in film) to collaborate and act alongside a community that I respect. Also to keep the people I love nurtured!

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