• #UOonCampus: Dorm Goals with Tessa Barton

    Musician and blogger Tessa Barton shows us how she makes her small NYC studio so cute and cozy. 

    Stay Cozy with Bedding and Pillows
    Freshen up your dorm room with light bedding and tons of pillows. Tessa recommends using lighter colors in small spaces to help make the room feel bigger and pillows + extra blankets help add much-needed texture to drab dorms.

    Stick with neutral bedding and you can throw on as many pillows as you like for added pops of color.

    Above: Cameron Clothing Rack

    Give Yourself Extra Storage Space
    As Tessa says, "every girl wants a clothing rack." Beyond the practical use of giving yourself more closet space, using a clothing rack as a focal piece in your room can help tie it all together. Getting a rack that has room for clothes and shoes (like the above) will help organize your small space, but you can also use the extra shelving to display knick-knacks, records, and wall art.

    The bonus of using this rack in a dorm room is that you don't have to worry about putting holes in the walls if you're looking for an easy way to create more storage or display more art.

    Above: Mini Vintage Bulb String Lights

    Light Your Space
    Dorm rooms can be bummers, especially when it comes to lighting. If you're looking to kiss those horrible fluorescent lights goodbye, then string up some string lights to help give your room a cozy glow.

    Tessa says it's literally impossible to mess up string lights and we trust her because her bedroom always looks like a fairy wonderland. To hang up lights, pick a corner to focus on. Tessa picked a corner above her bed and used tape to create a messy string light hanging. (Like, literally, only scotch tape. We couldn't believe it. It couldn't be easier!) Neon lights are also making a huge comeback and are super fun to use if string lights just aren't your thing. (We're huge fans of this cute "Hello" sign. It's pink!)

    Hang Up Wall Art
    Finally, spruce up blank walls in your dorm room with magazine cutouts and prints. Again, Tessa showed us how to make a killer wall using only scotch tape, making us believe that sometimes Instagram-worthy rooms are easier than they look. For a full rundown of Tessa's wall, click here!

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