• UO Your Room: Room Refresh with Viktoria Dahlberg

    Viktoria Dahlberg’s Williamsburg apartment is the stuff of dreams. She shows us which items she likes to switch out in her small space to keep it feeling fresh and tells us her tips + tricks for creating the home you've always wanted.
    Photos by Tavish Timothy

    Viktoria's keys to a more inspiring home:

    Living in NYC in a small apartment can be challenging sometimes but also inspiring and fun! For those of you out there who follow my Instagram account, you probably know by now about my big interest, love, and passion for interior design and decoration.

    When I first moved into my NYC apartment I started with painting all the walls white which makes the rooms look bigger and airier. 

    White walls are the perfect base to easily apply any accent color you want and to also do a quick refresh by adding some new pillows, blankets or rugs in whatever color, pattern or style you want! And if you're a similar person to myself, I love to change it up pretty often!

    I'll never see myself as a person who follows trends, really. (Maybe I do? You tell me!) But I can't see it myself. I go by what I'm feeling and what, in the moment, inspires me and makes me happy!

    Coming home or waking up in an apartment that gives you joy, makes you feel safe, peaceful and confident is amazing. Isn't that a goal?! For me it is!

    My keys to quickly spice up a small space, like my own, are very simple:

    Think about who or what inspires you right now. A bohemian look? Minimalist? Chic?

    Or maybe you're just looking for an overall freshen up! Speaking of fresh: My apartment is also full of green plants; they make me feel calm in so many ways. Plants are also an easy way to add in something that makes the room feel more alive. Where plants live, people live! 

    My current obsession is lighting. I'm seriously addicted... Luckily, I have lots of daylight in my apartment but my biggest love right now is string-lights. I literally put them everywhere and I'm surprised how quickly the room turns into a cozy vibe.

    I also just got a new cool neon light (Hello Neon Sign) for my kitchen area that I'm so exited about and totally in love with too.

    Here is my list of key items to change out for a fresh quick fix:

    -lights, lots of string lights :)
    -kitchenware (just a new coffee mug can actually do more then you think ;)

    Don't be afraid to be creative! It's so much fun and you can do so much to make your home a better place!

    Good luck and don't forget: "Be yourself - everyone else is already taken."

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