• UO Your Room: Room Refresh with Adrienne Raquel

    Adrienne Raquel’s Instagram is currently our go-to inspo for bright, bold hues. We visit her at home to find out how to easily refresh our own rooms with a few simple pieces.
    Photos by Anna Ottum

    Start with your bedroom! To give your room a refresh, think about where you'll want to bring in some new products. Think about things that are easy to switch out, like wall art, lamps, and pillows.

    Adrienne brought in this "Slay" lamp that completely matches the rest of her aesthetic. The lamp is small enough to fit on a bedside table and gives off a cozier glow than an overhead light, which is especially nice for smaller spaces, like dorm rooms.

    Above: Shelly Round Velvet Pillow

    Adrienne's color palette revolves around bold hues and works well in a minimalist space. If you want to get the most decorating bang for your buck, we highly recommend working with bright colors. Doing something simple, like switching out your couch pillows to a vibrant yellow (like these Shelly Round Velvet Pillows), will really brighten up your space.

    Above: Frankie Pieced Jersey Duvet Cover

    Same goes for bedding! Something plain in a rich color will help when it comes to building out your room. A plain duvet, like the Frankie Pieced Jersey Duvet Cover, makes it easy to switch out accent pillows seasonally. If you're someone who likes bold wall art, the duvet and the art won't be competing for attention.

    Above: The Pineapple Co. Pineapple Shot Glasses Set

    Use items in unexpected ways. Above, Adrienne uses the Pineapple Co. Pineapple Shot Glasses set as decor in her living room on a minimal bar cart. They're cute and functional.

    Above: Elena Boils Still Life Tapestry

    Bring more color to an otherwise minimal space with a bold, bright tapestry. Adrienne wanted to hang the Elena Boils Still Life Tapestry outside of her bedroom to help draw the colors from her bedroom into the living room, but when she found it was bigger than she thought, she used it on her bed as a throw. Don't be afraid to mix it up!

    She also carries her color theme throughout her books as well, making sure that the bedroom and the living room flow together nicely. To help minimize clutter, think about donating unwanted books to a library or Goodwill (or even leaving a "free" box out on the street). It'll feel good to get rid of some excess stuff in your home while making someone else's day in the process.

    Make yourself a corner of your room that's catered specifically to your plants. Plants will help liven up any room and don't need much more than a small patch of sunlight and water. If your room doesn't get much natural light, you still have options! There are a ton of plants that don't need that much natural light.

    Every so often, go through the books and magazines you own to look for inspiration. There may be more room and color inspo sitting right under your nose!

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