• UO Your Room: Room Refresh with Alena Nixon

    College can be overwhelming. The start of the academic year brings about all the responsibilities you left behind in spring. It’s time to get a fresh set of textbooks and pencil in kick off meetings for student organizations. If you’re a freshman, it means making new friends, figuring out how to actually do laundry, and acquiring a newfound appreciation for any food packaging with the word “instant” on the label. It also means independence, and saying goodbye to the comfort of home.  

    Having a welcoming, calming space to come back to at the end of the day can make all the difference. In the same way that you style your personal fashion, your dorm room should be an outlet to express yourself.  This week we gave Alena Nixon - a college student in Philadelphia - a dorm room makeover.  Scroll on to read more!

    Words by Jenna Hui
    Forgo fluorescent dorm room lighting for one of our neons.  Put it on your bedside table to enjoy a soft, colorful glow when you’re relaxing in bed.  
    Walls are the perfect opportunity to showcase your individuality. Arrange your favorite posters, or check out our variety of wall art prints.  Hang pictures with photo clip firefly string lights to make your memories look like a fairytale.
    Desks are for more than studying. Let a fun mug double as a pencil holder, and keep your go-to beauty products on hand for when you want a quick dab of stress relieving essential oil.
    Greenery has been proven to reduce stress and boost moods.  Bring a piece of nature inside with our decorative vines set.
    Hang a tapestry beside your bed to effortlessly cover an entire wall.  Use color accents in the design to choose complimentary pillows and a fluffy throw blanket.  
    Take these tips and make your dorm room a place that you’re excited to come home to after a long day of classes.  College may be daunting, but decorating your room doesn’t have to be. Be sure to use #UOonCampus so we can check out how you make your space yours. 

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