• UO Wish List: When You Want Your Whole House to be Millennial Pink

    "Millennial pink" is something that (apparently) isn't going away anytime soon. From bars to album covers, pink is popping up evvverywhere. It's interesting to think about how these bars and restaurants will age (like, when will millennial pink become an assault on the senses, like the primary + neon colors of the '80s?), but for now, let us bask in the warm, soothing glow of the color of now. We love millennial pink and everything that comes along with it (the think pieces!), so here's everything salmon-hued we want to cram into our houses, if only just to make them a little more Instagrammable. 

    Beaumont Velvet Soft Sofa
    Honestly, owning this sofa is probably peak "Millennial in 2017," but who can say no to a pink velvet couch? Think of the lounging you'll do.

    Ditsy Horses Duvet Cover
    Calling all pink lovers and all Horse Gurls out there! This is the duvet for you. There's even a matching pillowcase set.

    Willow Fringe Duvet Cover
    If the rest of your room has a lot going on, but you still want a pop of pink, this simple duvet is the answer to your pastel prayers.

    Triangle Bean Bag Lounge Chair
    Imagine being this chill. This could be you.

    Flamingo Neon Table Lamp
    Pop one of these bad boys in every room and live out the rest of your life like an eccentric grandma in Miami.

    Slay Neon Table Lamp
    A subtle, elegant reminder to yourself.

    Rhona Macrame Portal
    A portal... to millennial style!

    Lennon Sofa
    In a small space, these soft sofas are sooo good, especially if you don't want to shell out $1,000+ for a "real" sofa. Plus, pink!

    Serena Ombre Macrame Hanging Planter
    Plants make everything better! Plants in a pink planter? Your joy will be indescribable.

    Honeymoon Hotel Petal Pink Art Print
    This is for all the minimalists out there. This feels like the millennial pink print equivalent of "It Is Your Birthday," but cute. Buy three!

    LED Heart Sign
    This heart sign makes any space cuter. It could probably make a dumpster cute. Buy three!

    Stina Floral Space Dyed Printed Rug
    This cute pink rug is only $129 for the 5x7 size! Buy three!

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