• UO Studio Visits: ODD EYE

    Founded in 2016 by Taylor Fimbrez and Aaron Casey, ODD EYE was born out of an enthusiasm for design and excessive shopping habits. It’s located in one of the East Village's more unconventional spaces with a revolving inventory of vintage and modern design. Scroll on to learn more about the duo and exclusive ODD EYE for Urban Renewal One-Of-A-Kind collection. 

    Photos by Heidi Lee 
    Can you introduce yourself — tell us more about who you are, where you’re from, and what you do? 
    We’re both longtime design enthusiasts and have been hobbyist pickers for years. We’d always talk about opening up a shop in passing while on picking trips and our excessive shopping habits quickly outgrew available space in our prospective apartments. When an East Village storefront we had our eye on became available across the street from Taylor we jumped on it and voila! ODD EYE. 

    How did you first get into collecting?
    It’s always been more about the process and the thrill of the unexpected that has driven our interest for collecting. Whether it be out picking or just doing research on obscure designs/eras, the ‘wow’ moment of finding something that is truly unexpected is what keeps us shopping. 
    Tell us more about your shop! Can you walk us through a typical day in the life?
    We typically split days at the shop, which are filled with a number of tasks. Some fun, some not so fun! Creating social media and web content, working on merchandise and window installations, artist collaborations, cleaning. But while one of us may be stuck in the shop, the other is always out hunting for new treasures! 

    What’s been inspiring you lately? 
    Nest Magazine is a forever inspiration. The now defunct magazine that rewrote the rules of what an interiors publication could be. A perfect source for the unexpected, ugly and unconventional in combination with graphic design that still looks fresh. An absolute must read! 

    How has ODD EYE's style evolved to what it is today? 
    ODD EYE’s style is in a constant state of flux. It’s really a mix of both of our individual interests/styles/tastes as well as those of our customers/collaborators(which are all constantly changing). It keeps things interesting, as we never know what direction we’ll be going in next. 
    What’s the most important thing to you when curating an assortment? 
    Start with basics: pieces that are functional and most importantly, pieces that you like. Vintage furniture is a great investment. Superior materials and manufacturing assure it will survive the test of time. Furniture has become so disposable in the age of Ikea, it's refreshing to be surrounded by things that will age gracefully and follow you no matter how many times you move. If you're going to have functional items in your home why not get the weird versions?! A teapot is much better when its Michael Graves. 
    Who are some other artists (in any medium) who you look up to? 
    Alistair Matthews - a NYC-based still life photographer. She does the most amazing and unexpected arrangements of objects and shares our love for fake food! She is a pro at making the awkward awesome which is very ODD EYE , and we can’t get enough! UglyRugly - is a new friend who is making really inspiring hand woven textiles out of unexpected materials. They have a really fresh point of view involving shape, dimension and color. Super excited to see what they come up with! 

    Any advice for others who are looking to begin their own creative endeavor but are unsure how to start? What have been some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned? 
    Be patient, passionate and open to change. It’s going to be tough at first (and maybe even tougher later!).  It’s important to be open to growth and change, and learn from both your successes and failures. They’ll be plenty of both! 
    Lastly, what’s a dream project/ collaboration for you? 
    We’d really like to push ODD EYE in a direction that entails more than just “curation.” With our passion and knowledge of industrial design we would like to turn ODD EYE into its own line of products and furniture! ODD EYE 4 EVERYONE! 

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