• UO Studio Visits: Kristin Farr

    "I'm Kristin Farr and I like to make things." Kristin Farr is modest. Sure, the SF-based artist "makes things," but her colorful, geometric work spans genres to touch on just about every possible medium possible. Kristin studied sculpture and textiles in school, and has turned that, along with a love of painting and writing, into an art career that's included filmmaking, furniture, sculpture, murals, and technology (her app, FarrOut, lets you make your own trippy rainbow art inspired by her signature style). We teamed up with Kristin to paint a mural on the wall inside our brand-new UO store in Honolulu, and we called her up to learn more about the Hawaii project ("an abstraction of sand and sea"), along with the other work that fuels her creative process. 
    Photos by Aaron Wojack

    Can you share more about the mural you did for the Hawaii store — what was the concept and how did it all come together?
    My work is all about colors, so I asked for the colors UO was working with to design the new store, and then chose about 20 more to complement the palette. Since it's in Hawaii, I wanted to use tropical ocean colors. The mural could maybe be seen as an abstraction of sand and sea. I made a small painting as a sketch, and I can't wait to paint the big version. This cool project was organized by UO and the POW!WOW! artist network (Click here to read our interview with POW!WOW!)

    What other projects are you working on right now?
    A couple of public art projects including a painted sculpture and a 50-foot mural, and a gallery installation that also has an ocean vibe.

    How do you describe your style of work?
    I have been obsessed with rainbow geometry for many years, but it has evolved in different ways. The "Magic Hecksagon" designs are my current jam, along with the colorful diamond pattern like the UO mural I'm making. The designs have gone through stages and patterns like checkers, laser stripes, triangles, diamond shapes, and geometric stars, always with as many colors as possible.

    Tell us more about your #farrout app!
    It's free! You should download it. I made digital stickers from photos of my paintings, plus some funny faces and animals. My friend designed the interface that lets you take a photo with your phone and decorate it with my crazy designs and patterns. It makes my art accessible to everybody in the universe so they can remix it and add rainbow magic to their photos.

    What is an idea you're interested in right now?
    I'm into the idea of human-made things containing magical powers or good luck. I'm also interested in learning the names of star shapes based on the number of points. I just made a painting with a 16-pointed star, which is a hexadecagon!

    What are some dream projects?
    I really want to paint Magic Hecksagons all over a barn. "Hex signs" are traditional Pennsylvania Dutch folk art that people painted on their barns for decoration, and they are part of my visual culture and heritage, so I really want to paint them the old fashioned way.

    Who are some dream collaborators?
    An engineer who can help me make paintings with shapes that move in the wind, a quilter who can make my designs into a cozy blanket, or somebody who has a barn and wants to let me paint on it!

    In addition to your art, you're also a writer, focusing on interviews with artists. Does talking with other artists inform the way you approach your own work?
    Yes! I make a video series called "Art School" and I'm an editor for Juxtapoz magazine. I interview tons of artists and it's extremely inspiring. Certain ideas just resonate with me, like something Megan Whitmarsh said when I met her several years ago: "If you're going to add more piles of stuff to the world, it should be positive, happy stuff." I'm paraphrasing, but that is something I often think about.

    What other non-art related things are you interested in right now?
    Collecting sun catchers, going to the beach with my husband Jeff and my dog Ruby, and listening to Ludacris.

    Follow Kristin's work on her website and Instagram, and click here to download her FarrOut art app in the iTunes store
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