• UO Studio Visits: Kindah Khalidy

    Artist Kindah Khalidy’s colorful, pattern and shape-driven work is our latest inspiration — learn more about her abstract, fun, and full-of-life work in our visit to her San Francisco studio.
    Photos by Sam Hylton

    Can you share a bit about yourself + your upbringing? 
    I’m an artist and designer, and have lived in different parts of California my entire life. I’m fabric-focused with my designs, and painting is my favorite thing to do. 

    What has been your trajectory into painting: how did you get started, how has your work evolved, and how you describe the work you are drawn to creating? 
    I started painting so that I could make my textile designs more rich, and I realized how much I like the pure act of painting. It’s instantly gratifying and let’s me blend my love of color and shape. I’ve been painting nonstop for the last seven years. I was drawing a lot and doing crafts as a kid and never really grew out of it. 

    What ideas, color combinations, or art concepts have been inspiring you recently?
    Most ideas come right out of my head. I mostly get inspired listening to music while I commute everyday. I like to imagine costumes and sets for music videos. 

    What ideas, colors, or art ideas always interest you? Can you share an example of how this has manifested in your work? 
    I love window shopping and checking out old lady street style — my work is never too directly inspired by anything in particular. It’s very in-the-moment and intuitive. 

    Describe a typical day in the life for you. 
    Coffee, Exercise, Coffee, Email, Drive, Paint, Email, Work On My Own Line, Drive, Work On PAMWEAR, Coffee, Mail Things, Zone Out, Read, Sleep, Repeat.

    What's a personal mantra or favorite quotation? 
    YOLO (responsibly).

    Who are some of your favorite artists? Is there anyone newly on your radar we should know about? 
    This is tough there are too many to name, but I loved Aidy Bryant’s short film, “Darby Forever” that recently came out. So much girl power and crafts. 

    What are 5 other things you’ve been interested in lately? 
    Finance, entrepreneurial endeavors, real estate, and trying to be a good samaritan + humanitarian. 

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